New Wii U Owner: eshop recommendations?

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My brother, kind soul that he is, has bought me the Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle for my birthday. What a beautiful man.

I'm all set for big retail games with Wind Waker in the box, Pikmin 3 downloading and Mario 3D World coming out tomorrow [UK], but I'm curious about eshop games. I have enjoyed the 3DS eshop exclusives a great deal but haven't followed the Wii U especially closely in that regard. Does the Wii U eshop have its Pushmo, and if so, what is it?

Unrelated first impressions: eugh, these triggers! Wow, this Mii transfer music! Holy cow, that Wii data transfer animation! I just want to transfer things to this Wii U all day and never play anything that uses the triggers, ever!

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@aajf: spin the bottle is pretty good but i don't think there's anything at the level of pushmo just yet

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@aajf: Mighty Switch Force 1 & 2 are really good, Cloudberry Kingdom is intense, and on the Virtual Console front, EarthBound is a great place to start.

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@thoseposers: Thought you were kidding at first but that actually looks like a serviceable party game, maybe one for a future rainy day.

@hailinel: Got Switch Force 1 on the 3DS, might try 2 on the Wii U just for the novelty. Seriously how could I forget EarthBound though, thanks so much for the reminder.

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I just got one too -- very stoked to finally play Super Metroid (played Zero Mission and Fusion and GBA; all three prime games)

Aside from that might download Super Mario World just to tickle that itch and then maybe.... Trine 2? Bit trip runner? Little Inferno? Those all sound fine but not quite as enticing as the indies I've been playing on 360

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Trine 2 has been fun, and it looks beautiful. It may still be on sale.

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