Nintendo have confirmed friend codes for Wii U.

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Before you get mad it isn't as bad as you think, even I jumped to conslcuions and was about to write a big rant about how I hate these things but just listen. It's sort of a mix between a gamertag and a friend code, everybody will have a number code, but if you want to add a guy through an online game you can add that person without needed to input certain numbers, but if you want to find a specfic person you may have to enter that number. Nintendo didn't reveal to much so this all may change anyway.

I think this whole thing would be a lot better if they dropped the friend code label.

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Will they ever learn? Or do they even care?

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This news only fuels my confirmation bias about not ever buying a WiiU.

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Friend Codes have always been terrible ideas, Nintendo seriously needs to phase them out, I hoped that they would for Wii U but clearly I was mistaken.

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I don't need no friend codes for Pikmin 3.

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Not a huge deal for me since I just want to play this thing for HD Mario, Zelda and SSB (and other Nintendo properties). I haven't played Nintendo games since Gamecube and I miss them.

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I.. uhh... I mean... maybe this just... oh... fuck... shit.

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It sounds like they may be optional or something like that too, not enough details to judge yet, but yeah not encouraging

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simplify the process of making friends with another user in the platform by eliminating the need to input Friend Codes

#10 Posted by c_rakestraw (922 posts) -

They just need to drop the damn thing altogether. Why they keep hanging onto it baffles me. It's never been a good system and never will be.

#11 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

@Marcsman said:

Will they ever learn? Or do they even care?

They probably think that the Internets are still a fad that will wash over one of these days.

#12 Posted by blueinferno (480 posts) -

If Nintendo would only listen to what people want and don't want.

#13 Posted by Marcsman (3407 posts) -

@Video_Game_King: That's why the gamecube was my last nintendo system. I only got that for Tiger Woods and RE4.

#14 Posted by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -


Seriously? You didn't get Melee? But that shit's awesome! Hell, I'm pretty sure there's a hack out there that lets you play it online or something.

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@Marcsman said:

Will they ever learn? Or do they even care?

They sort of did. that's why 2012 Friend Codes =/= 2004 or 2006 Friend Codes! the reason we hate Friend Codes is because you used to have one for the system and then another one for every online game. That's not the case anymore! It hasn't since the 3DS launched since that even had one single FC for the system and you only had to deal with them once when adding a person to your friend list.

What I don't get is why they're still calling them that when they know what kind of shitstorm uttering the term Friend Code causes on the internet.

Friend Codes are different, easier, better, nothing to get worked up about. It still sucks that you have to input a code sometimes but it's not as bad as with the DS and Wii Friend Codes.

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Meh. It's no big whoop after reading their intentions.

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...if you want to add a guy through an online game you can add that person without needed to input certain numbers, but if you want to find a specific person you may have to enter that number.

If you can add someone through a game, what's the point of codes at all? I always gave Nintendo a buy on this because it was (in theory) supposed to make it harder for undesirables to associate with children, but it seems that any kid playing Animal Crossing U or whatever can befriend any deviant sight unseen. I mean, I'm not in favor of Friend Codes, but I understood the argument for keeping them in place. With these new changes, I don't see any reason for them to continue.

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This sort of seems similar to Battle.Net - every account has a name and a code attached to it, and since you can search people by username it doesn't seem like it's going to be that big of a deal. I'm not too worried!

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This seems much more reasonable with not having to input the code unless you manually chose too. The thing most people forget is Nintendo is trying to make a safe online environment that avoids or reduces 8 year olds screaming homophobic comments online. Consoles are not PC's but systems that everyone can play on and see. The last thing anyone wants to see on start up is a bunch of emails calling someone horrible names. Friend codes are a way of protecting everyone and while they have been too over protective in the past, this seams much more reasonable.

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