Nintendo Network ID Thread?

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There was a Nintendo Network ID sharing thread on this forum earlier today. I still see the post I made there on my profile, but the thread appears to be gone:

Anyone know why the thread disappeared? More importantly, anyone willing to start a more official new one? Sorry to create a separate thread just to ask this question, but I won't have consistent internet access this week, so ideally someone who can maintain a first-post ID mapping table would create the thread.


#2 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

If I had a Wii U, I would totaly get IJustWantToDie

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Probably because the guy who created it wasn't very reputable and didn't add the chart thingamajig with everyone's ID.

#4 Posted by Gonmog (652 posts) -

Someone else should make it. I guess someone with more posts and will make that chart. Just clicked to see if anyone new joined but it was gone :/

#5 Posted by MB (14570 posts) -

I had to delete that thread, it was bugged out. If someone will make a new one and you're actually willing to maintain it on a somewhat regular basis, send me a private message and I'll pin it to the Wii U forum. Put "official" in the title or something, that usually works.

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I made one. Check it out!

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