No Internal Hard Drive?

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Nintendo seems inconsistent on storage information (As they do on a lot of things) but recently Iwata reconfirmed that users could connect any hard drive to their machine through a USB port, and Nintendo may only supply an SD card with the Wii U.

What do you think about the possibility of the WiiU going out without a hard drive? Happy since it allows you to buy much cheaper and bigger ones on your own, or unhappy since it will cost you a USB slot and/or it will require you paying for something that you feel should be in the box on day one?

Also what do you think about them believing an SD card should be enough to start with? Do you find this worrying that they may limit saves or continue to put a big limit on eshop downloadable games (especially with them saying that some retail games will also soon be downloadable too - does it make you worry that games on the Wii U may actually be limited compared to other consoles?)

Do you think it is a good thing for them to keep costs down on their console when people can easily get hard drives elsewhere, or do you think it is a bad idea and some people who buy a Wii U may be caught out not knowing it only has a small SD card for space?

Remember though, Nintendo could easily reconfirm the opposite and this is all possible to change.

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