Ohashi-san Comments on F-Zero

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Osamu Ohashi has commented on the possibility of Sega working with Nintendo to develop a new game in the F-Zero franchise. The one-time Sonic Team designer was asked about the classic Nintendo series after a recent presentation of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games


"This could happen if someone has a brilliant idea that would serve the common interests of Nintendo and SEGA. If the idea is good, then it will go for both companies and we can do. But as far as I know, we have heard of no specific plans yet. "    

Miyamoto-san has gone on record as saying he wasn't happy with F-Zero GX on GameCube, a game developed by Sega's Amusement Vision Studio, a division of SEGA which no longer exists. I personally think Nintendo will choose to keep the next two F Zero games in-house, I get the impression Miyamoto wants to have a hands-on role in revitalising the series.

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I personally really like F-Zero GX and I hope we will see a new F-Zero game for the new console. An F-Zero in HD would be great.

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Hell yes, F-Zero is awesome!

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I disagree with Miyamoto on this one, GX was ace.

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There was a period in time on FZero GX wherein I was in the upper middle of the rankings with one race to go. It occurred to me that even if I finished first, and my rival finished second, I would still lose to him overall. It, then, became the purpose of my final race not to come in first, but to sabatoge my rival's race so that he scored no points and finished the series below me in second place.

The fact that I could strategize that, and execute on it, edeared FZero GX to me greatly.

That being said, all of the post SNES FZero games have been greatly inferior due to their reliance on roller coaster tracks instead of the power slide friendly 90 degree turn tracks the first game had.

60 fps or not, the graphics in FZero just aren't good enough to bill it as a thrill ride. It needs it's gameplay back.
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I loved F-Zero GX. My favourite in the series. I really hope they get back to F-Zero - maybe give it to Retro, they seem to be on a roll with the whole "reviving stagnant Nintendo franchises" thing.

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I agree with  much of what's been said here by others. I also liked F-Zero GX, I really appreciated the speed of that game, however, I didn't really like the style of the game Sega created, which is something Miyamoto didn't like also. I would like to see F-Zero return to the comic book style of F-Zero  X, while retaining some of the speed GX introduced.

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