Should I be worried?

#1 Posted by pompouspizza (624 posts) -

I have had a Wii U since launch and have had zero problems with it, now in the past few days the console has frozen three times, two of which I had to pull the plug. It's never happend before, is something wrong?

#2 Posted by Asger (243 posts) -

Unfortunately it seems quite normal.. I've had mine freeze with plug pulling, and I know that the Giant Bomb staff have had many plug pullings! Hopefully firmware updates can fix it!

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wait and see. I owned an Xbox 360 once that crashed several times and melted one of my game discs... but then it started behaving normally ever since. (well up until I sold it)

edit: also did you start playing a new game recently? It may very well be the game that's triggering it.

#4 Posted by Asger (243 posts) -

@egg: Melted?! That's crazy! What game?

#5 Posted by pompouspizza (624 posts) -

@egg: Yeah I bought Ninja Gaiden and that seemed to trigger it, then it happened with mario and the cave demo.

#6 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1827 posts) -

It seems like it depends on the game, I've only had problems with Funky Barn and NSMB U... Zombie U was fine for me. (Yes, I have funky barn bitches).

#7 Posted by Asger (243 posts) -

Hopefully the spring or summer update will fix it!

#8 Posted by egg (1667 posts) -

@Asger said:

@egg: Melted?! That's crazy! What game?

Ridge Racer 6

and "melted" be a bit hyperbolic. However 1) the disc was rendered unusable by the console, 2) the disc appeared differently afterwards.

#9 Posted by Asger (243 posts) -

@egg: Still crazy!

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