The Wii U Exxxcitement Poll! (How Hyped Are You?)

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#51 Posted by MikkaQ (10317 posts) -

I imagine I'll get it at some point, but not right now. Or in the near future.

#52 Posted by MEATBALL (3330 posts) -

Probably far more hyped for it than I should be. The 30th can't come soon enough.

#53 Posted by liako21 (526 posts) -

really excited. though not im not buying it.

#54 Posted by Kerned (1170 posts) -

@Enigma777 said:

Zero fucks given.
#55 Posted by EXTomar (4843 posts) -

There is no "Not interested or excited but I don't hate it".

#56 Posted by Vinny_Says (5719 posts) -

more excited for the gb livestream even if that vita live stream was kinda dopey.

#57 Posted by Giantstalker (1688 posts) -

Straddling D and E, leaning towards D though.

#58 Posted by Encephalon (1284 posts) -


I'm very interested to see GBs coverage, but mostly for entertainment value. I will probably never own a Wii U unless someone inexplicably buys me one.

#59 Posted by frankfartmouth (1018 posts) -

I'm interested, not really excited. I'll end up getting one, I always end up getting a Nintendo console, but I'll wait till more exclusives come out. Not really the same as waiting for things to shake out because I know I'll get one. There's just no point right now because I won't really play many of the launch games.

#60 Posted by DoctorWelch (2774 posts) -

Like the Wii, I'll just wait for someone else I know to buy one and then play that.

#61 Edited by SaturdayNightSpecials (2416 posts) -

I'm interested, mostly in how the system-level features are designed, but not enough to buy one this year. I would be buying it just because it's a new thing that I want to poke at.

It's kind of good that it doesn't have mindblowing graphics, since it's easy to get excited for those no matter what the games actually are.

#62 Posted by RedCricketChase (444 posts) -

Pretty surprised that the GB community falls so heavily on the negative end @.@

#63 Posted by Lelcar (701 posts) -

I have mine pre-ordered. I'm currently on the hype train for this thing. I love every feature that I've heard about so far. The portability aspect of it is awesome.

#64 Posted by jmood88 (396 posts) -

If it was possible to have negative excitement about something, that would adequately describe how I feel about the Wii U.

#65 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5841 posts) -

I think it looks like a great console.

If I had more money and wasn't planning on getting a 3DS this holiday season I would definitely buy one.

#66 Posted by project343 (2833 posts) -

Extremely pessimistic. After I retired my previous Nintendo-branded dust collector, I decided that I'll sit this one out.

#67 Posted by Sinusoidal (1657 posts) -

I was getting a bit excited after watching the quick looks, then found out that Nintendo is region locking all WiiUs. I live in Korea and am not super fluent in the language. I ended up hacking my Wii here because A: Korean Wiis do not have the option to change their menus to English unlike PS3 and Xbox360, and even more damning B: Less than half the library of games for the system actually got ported to Korea, and none of those had dual language support (that I know of.) I don't feel like having to rely on sketchy hacks (presuming the Korean WiiU is as hackable as the Wii was) again to play the games I want in the language I understand the best.

They haven't even announced a Korean WiiU release date yet. If anything this means their support for the system here will be as dismal as it was for the Wii.

On the contrary, the vast majority of PS3 and Xbox360 titles made it here, most of them are entirely in English and some of them even have dual language support. Much to the ire of Korean gamers I'm sure, but good for me.

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