The Wii U game of my dreams...

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The whole game: eating a sandwich on a park bench, all by yourself.

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What movie is that a reference to? Or is it even a movie reference? Also, why made by Rare? lol

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that link just brings me to a ton of headshots

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lol your links are cursed and I will never be able to know what lies beyond. :)

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#7 Posted by Pysk (25 posts) -

Last try

#8 Posted by Dalai (7762 posts) -

This game should run entirely in bullet time.

#9 Posted by me3639 (1990 posts) -

If i did see it by Nintendo it would in no way shock me.

#10 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@me3639 said:

If i did see it by Nintendo it would in no way shock me.

It wouldn't shock you to see a game by Rare on the Wii U? That's the most fanciful thing I see about this.

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