The Wii U Will Not Play DVDs or Blu-ray Discs

#1 Posted by thenexus (379 posts) -

They have their own 25GB Storage Discs but will not play any form of media disc. Not even playing DVD's is a bit of a surprise.
Just another thing it can not do to add to the list, Nintendo, what on earth you thinking at the moment?

#2 Posted by Galiant (2219 posts) -

That feels like a bad move. Why not play DVD's? =S

#3 Posted by Dimsey (1109 posts) -

I guess it's a bit of a bummer but I have like a couple dozen things that can play dvds and my ps3 for the blu-rays I seldom watch.

I think Nintendo is thinking they're making a video game console. For games. I don't think every console needs to be an all inclusive media center thingamajig.

#4 Posted by Kjellm87 (1735 posts) -

I'm fine with that. Focus on the game part, Nintendo, that's why I love ya.

#5 Posted by Aishan (1047 posts) -
@Galiant said:

That feels like a bad move. Why not play DVD's? =S

Given Nintendo's love for profit-generating hardware, it's almost certainly to save on the licensing cost, every dollar helps.
#6 Posted by Rekt_Hed (947 posts) -

Kinda weird but its Nintendo so its not like they should feel obliged to conform to anything since theyve made a name from going against any sorta grain or patern in the last 6 years

#7 Posted by christ0phe (1033 posts) -

What the fuck is wrong with them

#8 Posted by TwoLines (3176 posts) -

Finaly, I hate DVDs. I just don't like all discs, they're too fragile. Srew that man.

#9 Posted by DeeGee (2177 posts) -

@Dimsey said:

I guess it's a bit of a bummer but I have like a couple dozen things that can play dvds and my ps3 for the blu-rays I seldom watch.

This. I don't need a fourth DVD Player in my house.

#10 Posted by MattyFTM (14651 posts) -

Everyone already has a DVD player. No one needs DVD video playback on a Wii U. I don't see why Nintendo should pay to license DVD video playback when no one is going to use it. Blu-ray might have been beneficial, but they're creating their own proprietary disk format to avoid licensing Blu-ray from the BDA, so it was obvious that wasn't going to happen.

#11 Posted by VirtuaXav (472 posts) -

Seems like kind of a bummer. But ultimately if you want to play Wii U you're going to buy one, with our without DVD or Blu Ray support. Like people have said, most people who are going to buy a Wii U already have 2-3 ways to play DVD's so it shouldn't matter that much.

#12 Posted by Toms115 (2325 posts) -

dunno why a few of you are so butthurt over this. do you really need another dvd player?

#13 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8504 posts) -

Netflix. End of.

#14 Posted by GoofyGoober (941 posts) -

This is not the rear 2001 were having the thing play DVDs is a big deal. The average gamer, hell the average person in general already has some form of device to play DVDs or blu-rays. Let Nintendo focus on what they do best.

#15 Edited by RoyCampbell (1092 posts) -

I can totally understand the "just a videogame system" angle Dimsey provided, but seeing as how DVD movie support is seemingly a standard feature amongst videogame systems spanned over the last 10 years (except the 'cube and the Wii), Nintendo can't help but stick out like a sore thumb in that regard.
I guess it should be known now that Nintendo doesn't do DVD movies.

#16 Edited by valrog (3741 posts) -

Now they're making their own disk format to save a couple of bucks on licensing Blu-ray? *Sigh*

#17 Posted by Eric_Buck (1424 posts) -

Meh. It's not like people buying won't have some sort of DVD player...

#18 Posted by Mcfart (1879 posts) -

DVD players cost like $20 to the customer. Nintendo are really cutting corners, even if it's just DVD playback.

#19 Edited by Dreadful05 (3 posts) -

I don't really care about the Wii U right now, but I don't see this as a problem. I can't remember the last time I used a dvd  and knew they wouldn't have blu ray. I'm glad there focusing on the gaming and since its a proprietary media it will help prevent piracy. As long as they have Netflix  I don't think most people will care either.

#20 Posted by Venatio (4675 posts) -

They like money, piles of it, that's why

#21 Posted by PenguinDust (12854 posts) -

If it played Blu-rays, I'd be impressed but I'm not concerned over the loss of DVDs.  I fully expected Nintendo to come up with a proprietary format and Reggie all but admitted it when he spoke with Geoff Knightley during E3.  The Gamecube couldn't play DVDs either and I doubt that was the deciding factor in its success.  It's not a big deal and as Seriously Now said, it will have Netflix integrated, so people will still have that option if they really need to watch a movie on their console.  You can get a DVD player for $20 these days anyway.

#22 Posted by coolwhip83 (96 posts) -

This is cocky from Nintendo. 'Let's save a little so we can make more profit, it worked with the Wii!' That's assuming they can strike gold twice in a row. Which is very unlikely. Iwata even said he wants people to wait with buying a PS3 so they can buy a WiiU. Doesn't he realise a lot of people buy stuff with a checklist. Checking boxes like Reggie. No movie playback is a big empy unchecked box for people walking into stores. 
I have a feeling a (too) large portion of the estimated 300 dollars WiiU is going to cost is the controller.

#23 Posted by Law313 (122 posts) -

Well, Nintendo didn't incorporate DVD tech when it was relevant. Their differently not doing it now.

#24 Posted by WebScud (121 posts) -

With the Xbox 360 and PS3 adding more media functionality as time goes on, I find this a bit odd. Granted, physical media will probably fade in time, but certainly not in the next 1 ½ - 2 years.

#25 Edited by Hector (3524 posts) -

Dont mind, I already have other devices in my house that play Blu-Rays/DVDs.
#26 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

It's not like I needed another Blu-Ray or DVD player, anyway.

#27 Posted by thenexus (379 posts) -

In terms of the comments about not needing another movie playback device...
Is that not the point?
I do not want 10 bloody things around my tv, sky box, media straming box, console.... Etc
I want to get rid of things, I want my tv on my wall and a box near it and as little wires and boxes as possible. Is that not the goal of your living room in this day an age? It is for me.
The PS3 and Xbox360(nearly) are those devices. These and your cable/sky/tv box is all I have. If the next 360 plays Blu-rays I will be very happy and I can get down to just 2 boxes around my tv and reduce my cables.
 It also conflicts with what other things Nintendo have been saying... They have said their new controller has insperation from the remote and could replace your media remote as well. Yet with this and their lack of storage or other media support and crap Online for some time to come - They do not have the device for media.
I wont be the only one that will think this? and so the wii U is simply not an option for me.

#28 Posted by Claude (16632 posts) -

My Xbox 360 can play DVDs and Music, how many times have I slapped a DVD or CD in my Xbox 360? Zero. I have a five disc DVD, CD player. I'm in it for the video games.

#29 Posted by Famov (760 posts) -
That doesn't make any sense. The Wii was designed with basically zero media support (before Netflix, anyway). They may have taken inspiration from television controllers when engineering it, but that was just to make it more palatable to non gamers. And it worked.
Did you truly intend to replace your PS3 and/or Xbox with the Wii U? That seems unlikely to me for no other reason than the game libraries will understandably be very different and the games are presumably the primary reason for buying them. Otherwise you would just purchase a blu ray player. I suppose dvd functionality might make a nice bullet point on one of Sony's absurd value-for-dollar charts, but I cannot believe anyone seriously considering the console would let that be a deterrent.
#30 Posted by thenexus (379 posts) -
@Famov: I have to disagree in terms of the wii not being made with Media in mind. I find it more the missed the boat on that front or not able to offer the things it needs.
In terms of the Wii success it allowed non gamers to play games - Yes, and the console sold A LOT!
But I have said before...
Get some stats of Wii Consoles sold to the ones that are then on Ebay and like (and if you look, it is A LOT more then say a ps3 and 360) and a survey on how many people actually use their Wii's other then parties and holidays with friends/family.
Console sales especially for the Wii do not reflect the actual worth and use of the console for me.
Xbox live is a better measure of the console then the console itself for example. I did not batter an eye lid at the kinnect sales. It is the games and how they sell that matters. With the Wii, bar 1st party the game sales are nothing really.
Overall both PS3 and 360 may not have had the hype sales for their console the Wii got (because it was different) their use seems way more steady and you have Xbox sales still going up while the Wii is crashing and crashing hard.
In terms of media - I have to also disagree on those points, sorry. MS and Sony also seem to disagree with you on those points too otherwise they would not invest in the media side so much.
Even these forums people are always comparing the media, stream, movie options between the PS3 and Xbox, Gamespot forums when many of us where there before that as well. Lots say a lot of the lack of sales for the 360 over a PS3 are down to the latter playing blu-ray movies.
#31 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

Do not mind it, I have at least 5 machines that can do shit.
even blu rays, oO

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