Touch is out, Feel is in for Nintendo in the new console

#1 Posted by JudgeDread (640 posts) -

Swedish gamesite got some interesing information from a source close to Nintendo.

 – Nintendo wants to change the way we play – again. The success of Wii was essentially proof that the controller is every bit as important as graphical technology. When Nintendo unveils its next piece of hardware on June 7 , the presentation will be as much about the feel, as the look, of its new games. The revolutionary aspect will once again be found in the controller itself.

 – Haptic technology is a form of tactile feedback used to simulate the experience of touching different objects shown on screen.

continued on the site above  

#2 Posted by Kjellm87 (1735 posts) -

Man, this is getting crazy.
I won't believe anything before E3 at this point.
#3 Posted by KarlPilkington (2768 posts) -

Nintendo Feel, great I suppose.

#4 Posted by Kjellm87 (1735 posts) -

So according to the leak, you can use the screen controller to get different feelings when touching different textures and things like that.
So when poking on the in-game fire with my finger, I get burned? Shit got real.   

#5 Posted by Brendan (8660 posts) -

You guys are way off.  Nintendo Fondle, coming next spring.

#6 Posted by SlightConfuse (3995 posts) -

Vitality sensor not included

#7 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

Okay motion controls I could see having some use, which they did. But how in the hell could this be anything other than just another gimmick?

#8 Posted by BrickRoad (720 posts) -

This controller is getting more expensive by the day.... At this rate you'll be buying a controller that comes with a free console.

#9 Edited by onarum (2518 posts) -

Nice, except for the fact that it would have precisely 0 gameplay value..... but hey nintendo were the inventors of useless wagle in games so I wouldn't be surprised.

#10 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5005 posts) -

Touching makes me feel good.

#11 Posted by ch13696 (4761 posts) -

Should I feel uncomfortable at the fact that Nintendo wants me to feel them?

#12 Posted by Kjellm87 (1735 posts) -

I dunno about you guys,
but I'm really starting looking forward to E3 now.
This is the best time in the year being a gamer, no doubt.

#13 Posted by IBurningStar (2194 posts) -

Obviously the Feel's number one selling title will be Boob Simulator.

#14 Posted by Dylabaloo (1573 posts) -

Why? This seems utterly pointless and I hope its not true, the streaming between two screens like some sort of home DS sounded way more interesting.

#15 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Hopefully we won't be given more silly gimmicks that prevent normal games that people actually buy from coming out on this thing. 

#16 Posted by JJOR64 (19533 posts) -

On June 7th E3 starts, SSFIV AE DLC is out, and it's my friend's birthday.  That is one crazy day for me.

#17 Posted by drag (1212 posts) -

Well that's ... silly. The only thing I want to feel from games are various intangible emotions. 

Apart from stroking a puppy obviously. 
#18 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -
#19 Posted by JudgeDread (640 posts) -


 – Remember Vitality Sensor? It will most likely make a comeback at this year’s E3, though not as a peripheral for Wii, but as a key feature of Nintendo Feel.

#20 Posted by CakeBomb (231 posts) -

You know what's every bit as important as graphic technology? New games.

#21 Posted by TehFlan (1954 posts) -

I hope this isn't real.

#22 Posted by DystopiaX (5378 posts) -

Will believe it when I see it. Until then, this is just another absurd rumor coming out of some random news site.

#23 Posted by Contro (2346 posts) -

Sorry, surprised I didn't see this.

#24 Posted by Contro (2346 posts) -

That shouldn't be allowed :)

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