What would get you to buy a Wii U?

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Posted by L33T_HAXOR (240 posts) 9 months, 4 days ago

Poll: What would get you to buy a Wii U? (347 votes)

Another big price drop. 33%
Option to buy without the game pad. 5%
More games in general. 32%
More games aimed at older audiences. 18%
More Nintendo franchise games 20%
More and better online stuff. 12%
Some amazing killer app that will come out of no where and blow your fucking mind!!! 17%
I own one already. 25%
I will never ever buy one, ever. 12%
Other. 9%

I've been thinking a bit lately about what would get me to buy the system... I know I'll get it eventually so I can keep up with Mario, Zelda, etc. But it took me 3-4 years before I got

the original Wii and it looks like it might take even longer for me to find a reason to buy

Wii U. At this point I think I'm waiting for another big price cut ($200ish) and I kind of wish Nintendo would put out some kind of more mature game that had the kind of impact that Goldeneye had back on the 64. What about you? What would get you over the fence?

#101 Posted by StillMNV (3 posts) -

Just some extra cash. With 2 Marios I want to play, plus Smash and Kart coming, that's really enough for me.

#102 Posted by Substance_D (32 posts) -


#103 Posted by mbradley1992 (17 posts) -

I bought one for Pikmin and the Zelda: WW remake. But I'm now regretting it after playing through those because I'm bored. I played W101 and SMB3DW and didn't feel a spark. I played through all of DKC Returns on Wii, but DKC Tropical Freeze was nearly the same game. If they want me to keep it past the summer, then they need to quit making the same game over and over. They need to put some new life into F-Zero, Metroid, Star Fox, and give Zelda an updated look with some sort of major innovation.

If they don't at least say they are working on some refreshing content in a couple weeks, my Wii U may be saying goodbye. I'm tired of more Mario and sequels to games that play the same.

#104 Posted by Jazz_Bcaz (192 posts) -

I feel at this point, the only pragmatic response i can give is "Nothing".

Maybe a Pokemon MMO or some other undoubtedly bad idea? I'm just not really attached to Nintendo. I'm not interested in anything they're pushing.

#105 Posted by Delsaber (197 posts) -

In a bizarre wrestling heel turn moment, Reggie comes out on stage at E3 2014 in a Nintendo shirt then rips it off to reveal a Sega shirt underneath. Wii U becomes Dreamcast 2.

Other than Konami remembering that Suikoden exists and immediately shooting themselves in the foot by making it a Wii U exclusive, that's pretty much what it'll take for me to buy one at this point.

#106 Posted by mooncake (152 posts) -

I got one last Christmas for $225. (This is Canadian btw) It was the Wind Waker bundle, and they dropped the price to $250 at Wal-Mart, and then I went to Toys 'R Us to price match, where they gave me an additional %10 off because of the price match guarantee they had during Christmas. So that's around the price which would (and did) push me over to buy a Wii U.

#107 Edited by dudeglove (7684 posts) -

Already got a doorstop, thanks.

#108 Posted by TheRealMoot (335 posts) -

A massive price drop and an awesome original game.

#109 Edited by MB (11894 posts) -

I'm going to wait until I can find one on Craigslist with around 20 games for under $200. It may be a few years, but so be it. I did that with the PS3 and it worked out amazingly well.

#110 Posted by Dalai (6980 posts) -

I've had a Wii U since launch, but do I really own it? Maybe I should turn it on for once and find out.

#111 Posted by Superfriend (1521 posts) -

-Price drop

-Their first party games need to come down in price after a couple of years (which they don´t do at all around here)

-Some good Nintendo first party games

-A good showing at E3 with a new Zelda game

I know that this console will probably not last a lot longer, but honestly 10 good games should be enough to warrant a purchase- and I don´t think it has 10 good ones at the moment.

#112 Posted by freakin9 (1085 posts) -

Penis dongle.

I don't think I ever will. 3ds seems like the thing to own. Wii U on the other hand, seems like a collection of poorly implemented parts.

#113 Posted by Viking_Funeral (1727 posts) -

Enough games that I want to play that I can't play anywhere else. That's the only reason I ever buy a console. Usually the amount is at least 4 games for an older, portable system to 6-8 games for a newer system.

Right now the Wii-U has... zero. I can't think of a single game, unfortunately.

#114 Edited by Mysterysheep (315 posts) -

Either a major price drop (so it won't hurt my wallet too much to enjoy The Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3) or a bunch of games releasing that actually make effective and interesting use of the gamepad.

I feel like at this stage, if I'm to buy a new console, it needs to be different from just a PC. Increased power only goes so far, especially if most of your games are ending up on PC as well. I love that Nintendo are still trying to make interesting hardware after the Wii but, unfortunately, they still have yet to figure out how to dedicate to making games for that specific hardware. I hope they try to make good on this and don't pull a Kinect, though seeing that most of their most interesting games right now are pretty safe sequels to well-established franchises... I think I'll hold my breath.

The 3DS has got me though. Tomodachi Life feels like it'll be a good slice of the weird-ass Nintendo that brought Animal Crossing out of nowhere (before it became a regular, less new thing). Hopefully, they can do something similar for the Wii U.

#115 Edited by Bombanana (36 posts) -

I own one and i really enjoy it. There are a lot of games to enjoy there actually and Miiverse is great as well. As a second console to a PS3/4 360/One or a PC, it´s pretty much perfect because it really adds something else to your usual stuff. The VC is great too, especially the GBA games that just have released on it, I hope the system will pick up some steam at some point. It actually deservs it.

#116 Edited by TrafalgarLaw (1026 posts) -

$100 price-tag & a hardware revision.

#117 Posted by The_Nubster (2037 posts) -

if they announced a remake of Wind Waker, I would probably go to the store and buy one on the spot, months and months in advance.

Oh, wait, that's exactly what I did!

#118 Posted by Giantstalker (1514 posts) -

The resurrection of F-Zero would be a start.

#119 Posted by SneakyJB (44 posts) -

I'm actually debating whether or not I want to purchase a Wii U right now. There are several games I'd like to play, namely Mario and also a few "past gen" games such as Splinter Cell: Blacklist etc. that I have nothing to play on now that my PS3 has finally croaked. I've got a PS4 right now but would enjoy a little more variety in my games. I'm sure when Smash Bros comes out I'll purchase one immediately. I'm going to wait until after E3 to see if there is a price drop although I seriously doubt they will. It's also been years since I've owned a Nintendo system besides the 3DS and I'm interested in some of the eShop Virtual Console titles I never got the chance to play back in the day. I'll probably end up cracking and getting one.....

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#121 Posted by RawknRo11a (550 posts) -

I full-on Pokemon game. Basically like X/Y but third person and with every pokemon ever made.

#122 Posted by RobertOrri (1118 posts) -

Other: A new Metroid game. One not made by Team Ninja.

#123 Posted by geirr (2469 posts) -

They'd need to announce their Nintendo on Steambox campaign.

#124 Edited by Mcfart (1537 posts) -

Nothing. I don't have any next gen consoles yet because they don't have any worthy exclusives.

And another nail in the coffin is that Persona 5 will be on last gen. I litterally have no reason to upgrade lol (pretty much the only game that could've persuaded me to get a new console)

#125 Posted by SkullPanda1 (91 posts) -

Outside of a Pokémon MMO or something I can't see myself buying a WiiU.

#126 Posted by AmatureIdiot (1062 posts) -

Games which are not thinly veiled remakes of games I have already played.

#127 Posted by niamahai (1404 posts) -

Games which are not thinly veiled remakes of games I have already played.

That's like.. 100% of the video game market right now.

#128 Edited by Seppli (10251 posts) -

The same type of thing that got me to buy a PS3 back in the day. Demon's Souls was a game that came out of left-field. Doing fascinating new things with online multiplayer. Hitting that *Dark Fantasy* niche I'm totally into. Something that is like what Demon's Souls was to me back then, that'd be a sure-fire way to at the very least grab my attention. Right now though, that game is Project Beast.

I've been pondering buying a 3DS, because what I've read about Fire Emblem entices me. I loved the Fire Emblem games in the past, and I'd enjoy to play its latest iteration. I guess enough games that are attractive to me like this, eventually I'd cave and buy a WiiU.

Nintendo franchises-wise, Zelda and Metroid and Fire Emblem have the potential to hold some sway over me - it's just got to be the right game. A brutal Dark Fantasy Zelda with unforgiving, yet fair combat? Panty-dropper!

P.S. I voted for a price drop, in combination with more mature games, and a killer app. Yep, it'd take like the perfect storm of unlikely things to happen, for me to even consider a WiiU purchase anytime soon.

#129 Posted by steelerzfan101 (270 posts) -

I already have one but If I didn't already own a WiiU, it would take some third party games aimed at the more mature audience. Right now that is probably the worst thing about the WiiU right now, besides the less than par graphics...

#130 Posted by AmatureIdiot (1062 posts) -

@niamahai said:

@amatureidiot said:

Games which are not thinly veiled remakes of games I have already played.

That's like.. 100% of the video game market right now.

So, to get me to buy a vastly inferior console in terms of developer support and specifications, I need something different than what I can get from Nintendo's competitors and/or that I have already experienced. I guess this comes down to the fact I have little affinity for most of Nintendo's back catalog, so the current games Nintendo make are just not for me.

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