Wii U constantly crashing?

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I'm still on the fence about buying a Wii U. It is readily available in my area, but It seems like every time I watch a giant bomb QuickLook it locks up and they have to hard reset the console by unplugging the power cord. I'm not really in the mood to deal with a "broken" launch console. Is this a common problem for everyone or does GB just have really bad luck? I had initially planned to NEVER buy another Nintendo console because I felt burned by the GC, Wii, and 3DS ... but I'm a gadget nerd and this looks like something my family could enjoy.

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Looks like every Wii U that GB has is slow and buggy, so it can't be a coincidence. I hope that Nintendo can fix the operating system of Wii U with a patch, since it looks like OS is the reason for most of the problems.

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The freezing seems to be linked to the Miiverse. It scared the &*%$ out of me the first time it happened. Personally, I'm on the fence recommending it to people. On one hand, it's a fun system but on the other, the freezing can be a headache. You can take some steps though to get rid of the freezing by disable some Miiverse settings, making it English only, clearing the update for Nintendo Land and redownloading it, or rolling with no Internet connection until they get it sorted out. I deleted my Nintendo Land update and redownloaded and I run the system without an Internet connection and all is good now.

If paying for something and not being able to use it to full potential because of bugs gets on your nerves, by all means wait. If you don't mind making a couple tweaks, jump in.

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@mindatlarge: This is a good tip. Thanks a bunch.

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I've had one lock up since I got mine.

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I changed Miiverse language to english only, and it hasn't frozen up in over a day.

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I don't know how prevalent the freezing issues are, but it appears it's strictly a software issue caused by a problem reading multiple langauges in the miiverse. You can change an option in the settings to have english only posts which appears to solve the issue for most people.

Here's a link that explains it: http://www.ign.com/blogs/bbqsetz/2012/11/25/wii-u-freeze-heres-a-solution-why-its-nothing-to-be-too-scared-about/

From my own experience, I had a couple lock ups when I got it on launch day, and a couple the days following, but since then, with over 70 hours of using it in the past two weeks, I've had zero problems, and I didn't even mess with the language settings.

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So, sounds like freezing is fixable. Lack of games doesn't concern me. NSMBU and Nintendo Land would keep my wife and I happy for a while, not to mention I already have every other non-Nintendo console. Last question, a personal perspective ... Is it worth $350 ?

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@Sackmanjones said:

I've had one lock up since I got mine.

This has been the case for me as well. I had it lock up on a loading screen once on Zombi U but that's about it. To be fair, my 360 still locks up on me occasionally.

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Never had a single problem with mine so far.

@SoothsayerGB said:

Might want to check out this QL by Will and Norm over at Tested. They get into the specifics. Seems best to hold off. Not just because the hardware needs a patch or two, but lack of games.

I say buy it but have a backup plan. ZombieU looks like fun.

Holy crap. I actually had no idea the analog sticks clicked. Thanks for telling me that, Will!

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Well, I'm not sure how to answer whether it's worth the 350, because it entirely depends on what you're looking for in something. I bought the hardware interested in the potential opportunities afforded by the WiiU gamepad, and all of the unique experiences, whether crafted by Nintendo or committed third parties. As is often the case with Nintendo, it also continues the tradition of offering interesting new local multiplayer ideas, that are really a lot of fun.

The first thing that really clicked with me using the WiiU on launch day was the boost mood challenges in NSMBU, where specially made levels require the individual using the gamepad to put down temporary colored blocks for the other player to reach the goal. It requires an absolute sense of cooperation that I haven't experienced besides perhaps the Coop mode in Portal 2. Thus far, the second screen concept has really proven it's worth in multiplayer ideas like that, as well as the remote play idea, which is pretty handy if the tv is occupied or you want to play in bed.

The miiverse is another component that adds a lot of value, integrating a fun social element that makes the whole experience feel more alive, more connected to the rest of the world playing wiiU, a fairly progressive concept for game consoles, which is surprising coming from Nintendo.

So, yeah, if you're on the fence now, perhaps wait until early next year when the library will be more fleshed out, and more of the kinks of the operating system have been ironed out, plus the Tvii app, or whatever its called, will be released by then. So in short, there is absolutely 350 dollars worth of potential here, but you're not going to get the full, polished, expanded experience right at the outset, but that's kind par for the course with system launches.

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@SirShandy That was a fantastic perspective! I am very used to launch console bugs, part of the reason I was (trying) to hold off. After seeing the live stream and some quick looks I felt somewhat cold to the Wii U, however, it really looks like something I could enjoy with my wife.

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Broke down and bought it yesterday. After many hours of near continuous use by my family and I, not one lock-up or crash. Also, after reading much criticism of load times, I don't find them to be that bad. Sure, faster would be great, but they are tolerable in my opinion. So far, we are all having a great time.

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Good to hear. Nintendo just recently put out a firmware update for stabilization issues, so that probably helped.

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@SirShandy: Yeah I got my Wii U right after the second update, and haven't had any lock ups yet. Also not minding the load times so much.. definitely noticeable when opening an app, but even in Miiverse, zero load times once you're in the app, so not a bad compromise.

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My Wii U works like a charm. Nintendo have the reputation to manufacture reliable consoles. I still have a Super Nintendo and it works flawlessly.

In the worst case scenario you can return it at the store. If you got it from Walmart they will exchange it without asking any questions.

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My console kept freezing on launch day, and had to get it replaced. Despite that, Nintendo's Customer Service was very exceptional throughout the whole process and I have nothing but good things to say about that side of their business.

Though, today my replacement console froze when I was watching Hulu Plus, but I'm hoping that was just an isolated incident.

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My Wii U keeps freezing at the Main Screen with the Miiverse all the time. I also started noticing it randomly freezing at other moments like when using the Browser or when trying to load another thing and even while playing a game. This has been happening even prior til the recent Wii U Update.

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I changed Miiverse language to english only, and it hasn't frozen up in over a day.

Hah, glowing endorsement.

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@primalmaster said:

I changed Miiverse language to english only, and it hasn't frozen up in over a day.

Hah, glowing endorsement.

lol, it was never intended as an endorsement. I'm just saying I haven't had any freezes since. Then again I haven't had any reason to play the Wii-U in over a month.

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