Wii U controllers are region locked - Does this upset you?

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I don't care one bit and I don't really understand why anyone else would either unless they're just staunchly anti-region locking for everything in every case. I guess if that's your opinion on things then you have reason to be upset.

I'm guessing it was either a requirement by the TV programming partners for netflix/hulu/amazon etc, or simply a QA issue, not able to guarantee that every aspect of the system works perfectly with firmware regions mixed between console and gamepad. Both pretty reasonable reasons to lock the gamepad with the hardware.

I could see why the content providers would see the gamepad as more than a controller since it is used to display content and requiring that the hardware (meaning the gamepad also) be region locked to meet obligations to CBS, NBC, Sony, Universal, etc and avoid legal trouble.

Also it's an easier solution than cross-QA testing every region's firmware (since the GamePad does recieve firwmare and updates) as a mix between console and gamepad. Make sure the system works perfectly with a US system, japanese gamepad, European System and South American Gamepad, etc.

I just noticed a lot of people are getting upset on NeoGAF over this and that forum is notoriously over-reactive over anything restrictive about hardware and have a lot of very vocal Wii U detractors.

Being that the gamepads are not for sale individually and no games support more than one I see no reason why anyone would care about this - I think you'd have go go out of your way to be affected.

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Seems kinda dumb. Not that I care, I'll never buy a WiiU.

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Content providers won't be the reason. Why? Because geo-location by IP solves that "issue" of people from different regions getting access already.

It's dumb, I don't care because it's Wii U, but it's still dumb and senseless.

Here's one reason why people might care - some people are nerdy enough to collect games and hardware, so in 20 years time perhaps Wii U controllers are hard to find, hey I'll buy this cheap one from Japan/Europe/America/Whatever, oh shit it won't work. I got bored of the collection thing (waste of money) so it's not going to bother me.

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I import games not controllers.

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Aw man, that means I can't import a WiiU Gamepad from Japan or the US and use that on my WiiU. 
Oh wait, I wouldn't be able to anyway.  
So, no, it doesn't really matter at all if they're region locked or not.  
Unless of course there's some idiot out there who one day decided to go online and buy a WiiU that didn't come with a Gamepad.  
Then again that idiot deserves not having one. 

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#7 Posted by ocha (46 posts) -

I'm fine with it.

#8 Posted by NoobSauceG7 (1327 posts) -

Doesn't bother me in the slightest since I never bought any controllers outside of USA.

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Well another checkbox on the stupid shit Ninty has done for the Wii U

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It's not a big deal but it's just another straw on the camel's back of dumb decisions that surround the Wii U in general.

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