Wii U is anyone behind this thing? yes or no and why.

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#51 Posted by ExplodeMode (852 posts) -

The launch software: Nope. Nothing for me.

The hardware: Sort of. I'm interested in being able to turn off my tv and go lie down or something while still playing a game - but by the time there is software that I want the next systems might be out and make the WiiU look unattractive. And if the screen in the controller is successful, Microsoft and Sony will just do it too.

#52 Posted by WickedFather (1733 posts) -

Yes. Nintendo still want to make games which have charm and fun in them. The launch titles mentioned are the same old shite you get on the 360 and I hope it's not going the way of that awful thing.

#53 Posted by Gamer_152 (14111 posts) -

I believe the reason that Nintendo are no longer trying to create the console with the best graphics is because they've found much greater success so far in creating consoles that are focused around accessibility first and power second, instead of trying to outperform one of the top computer companies and one of the top electronics manufacturers at mass-manufacturing a more traditional games console. There are new "gimmicks" here though; the camera, the touch screen, the microphone, the motion controls in the Wii U gamepad, the whole moving between the TV and controller screen thing, etc. Mario, Zelda, and Smash Bros. are also far from the only things that sell their consoles. Wii Sports Resort sold over 30 million, Wii Fit sold over 22 million, the Just Dance games sold over 9 million, and so on.

I can't give much credence in the idea that Nintendo is not trying, leading corporations in their field don't just start deciding that they can't be bothered one day. They're in a difficult position though; how do you create a console that simultaneously tries to please old-school Nintendo fans, those who want high quality third-party games, and casual gamers, while being different enough from the original Wii for people to buy it?

I think Nintendo are failing to please the more traditional game audience in a lot of ways, general consensus seems to be that they're just not providing enough quality stuff for the "core gamer" and I have to agree. When they first showed it off they didn't show off the games they needed to, but we gave them a chance and everyone was so sure that this E3 they were going to show us a great launch line-up, but they just didn't. It's fantastic that they have Pikmin 3 there and I'm sure they'll have some other good stuff but it just doesn't feel enough to justify purchasing a whole new console.

I feel like their first-party library is showing little I haven't seen before, and they have nothing that interesting in their third-party selection. When one of their biggest games is something that was out on other consoles in 2011 with touch screen controls bolted on, it raises some questions. Even games like Assassin's Creed III they'll only be able to support for so long, I think it's going to be the same old story of many of the big developers and publishers ignoring Nintendo and going after other console manufacturers who have more powerful machines with better online services. None the less, those first-party games still sell extremely well and it's very hard to gauge how the casual gamers are going to react to something like the Wii U. I really don't know how this is going to go for them, and I think a lot of the people who are certain that they do aren't looking at this realistically.

#54 Posted by TheSlothKing (331 posts) -

Yes, because IMO Nintendo has the only good first party games.

#55 Posted by TyCobb (1975 posts) -

Let me think.... should I buy a next-gen console with mediocre current-gen graphics that may have 2 games a year that I would want to play? Bah, I am sucker to buy all consoles so I guess I will own one.

#56 Posted by Dixavd (1376 posts) -

Not whole-heartedly but I am not going to denounce them. I this because they continue to make the best first party games on the market; they are one of the few hardware manufacturers actually pioneering new ideas for gaming and sticking to them; we don't know nearly enough to make a judgement yet (And anyone who says "but she should know by now" must never have gond through Nintendo setting up releasing a new console before); and most of all... Don't vocally bet against Nintendo - seriously, the number of hilarioud quites there are of people ready to destroy Nintendo saying they are doomed to fail to laugh at is already massive, don't add to it (There are literally thousands of unfortunate-in-hindsight quotes of people from just before the release of the SNES, the N64, the Gameboy, the DS, the Gamecube[although those are probably a lot more justifiable], the Wii, the 3DS and now the WiiU. What makes anyone so sure that these last two will finally be the things that bring them down before - espite the fact they have succeeded through much worse conditions before?)

#57 Posted by musclerider (596 posts) -

Shit games for shit people.

But seriously though, no interest in playing rehashed versions of current gen games BUT NOW YOU CAN TAP ON THE TABLET TO PICK YOUR GUN.

#58 Posted by TehFlan (1928 posts) -

I'm not super excited for the Wii U at the moment, but I'll buy one at some point.

#59 Posted by skadave (200 posts) -

I pre-ordered a Wii and bought it on Day 1. . . i will not be buying a WiiU.

#60 Posted by That1BlackGuy (216 posts) -

I'm" not completely over the Wii U just yet, still more curious than anything. Nintendo is stuck between a rock and a hard place these days with their marketing/business strategy though to be fair they're light-years ahead of Sony. I'll just say that Nintendo will continue to have strong first party games which have been their bread-and-butter for decades so even if the third party isn't there, they'll still come up with some creative and unique properties. Jumping in the next gen race first is taking a big risk considering the current economy's disposable income but if anything it'll serve as a good relative forecast for Microsoft and Sony's consoles. Nintendo may think so but they can't please everyone.

#61 Edited by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1733 posts) -
@MAGZine :   This is a biggy...
 " Just because someone doesn't agree with you does not necessarily mean impartiality. "  
Nowhere near what I was thinking. I was basing that off your terribly one sided and  reductionist  arguments. 'Who would want PS360? Lol halo, lol kinect!!'.   
"   Every console has it's own exclusives..."  
Yep, hence reasons to buy one  over other consoles or a gaming PC, which is what you asked for - reasons why consoles are worth any money relative to PCs. I don;t give a damn about Nintendo's metacritic score dude, different games appeal to different people that's the whole damn point.
"   Unless if I'm missing something here..."  
Yes, you're missing that the average 'gaming pc' is more than twice the price of the average console. Building your own PC is not a viable mass-market option, either. And yes  I'm not talking about the Wii here, I'm talking about the PC. 
"Please don't downplay Nintendo's efforts by comparing to adding a toilet seat to a console."  
I didn't, don't worry about Nintendo's feelings . I made the point that innovation as we talk about it - adding new things to consoles - is not inherently valuable or something that should be lauded, it's the execution that should be. I don't admire a company just because it takes a risk - there are clever ones and there are not-so-clever ones.     
Software innovation - new ideas and concepts in games themselves that aren't dependent on a new form of hardware input like motion controls or a touch screen, that simple. As a PC gamer you should know all about the benefits of more advanced hardware for games. (Unless you want to argue that all games with traditional forms of hardware input this gen have been the same as games last gen?) 
" Making money on != reasonably priced "  

You're right here, but as a consumer my knowledge that I'm paying a premium for low end tech with Nintendo systems while the other players sell advanced tech under-cost makes me feel I'm being screwed over, hence I find them unreasonably priced. This is my view specifically, as I said:   "As for reasonably priced, I feel differently."   
"As far as I'm concerned, unless if you're looking to play multiplayer with friends, the PC will offer a superior gaming experience to the Xbox and PS. " 
You've just ignored my whole damn post, I feel bummed about even responding now. New, compelling, exclusive games, a lower price point with a difference in graphical/online capability that may not matter to the mass consumer compared to the price, as well as the online 'ecosystem' of community and content you alluded to before. So, so easy to understand. Games, perceived value, content. Same for PS4/Durango and Wii U. 
No, I do like PC gaming. A whole lot. WH40K Dark Crusade is probably my most played game of the past decade...... It's not that difficult to understand the arguments I'm presenting, you sure like making it difficult for me though. 
"If graphics are what you are concerned about, Sony and Microsoft's offerings shouldn't even enter the equation. " - Please quit with this nonsense argument. Why don't you own $5000 headphones if you like music so much? Why don't you get the hundred dollar leather seats upgrade for your car if you like being comfy (lol) so much??? I explained this. 
#62 Posted by fox01313 (5089 posts) -

Still thinking that what Jeff & others have pointed out on the singular nature of the new screen/controller how it will just isolate other people who are or wanting to play a multiplayer game on the system. The Wii was such an easy thing to figure out & while I found it rather uncomfortable to play with after a few hours versus a normal ps3/360 controller, the simplicity of the controller plus the games worked well initially until the Wii game market got flooded with minigame junk that felt like Nintendo wasn't really doing much to make sure plenty of the quality of the 3rd party games held up to the first party stuff.

#63 Posted by DoctorWelch (2765 posts) -

Definitely not in the beginning. Once there's a price drop and Nintendo releases some good games I'll probably get it, but definitely not at launch. I really want to play a new Pikmin game though.

#64 Posted by Nux (2424 posts) -

No. I felt really let down by the Wii and I don't think that the Wii U will be any better.

#65 Posted by SpudBug (633 posts) -

hard to say. I am a huge fan of nintendo hardware so i will probably buy one at launch, but none of the launch software is really very exciting to me yet.

It may change my mind when I actually get to play with one.

#66 Posted by RuthLoose (836 posts) -

It will be an interesting system once the Twiilight Team gets their paws on it.

#67 Posted by SathingtonWaltz (2053 posts) -

If it has a good selection of games then I'm all for it. The Wii had plenty of great games, so Nintendo should have a decent console here if they keep it up. They really need to step up their online and multimedia services though, I don't really care about them but most people do.

#68 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

I want one because I want HD Nintendo games. I didn't ever has a DS or a Wii (though I've played a Wii many times at friends' places and my older brother has one, just not played any Nintendo stuff besides 20 minutes of Mario Galaxy and a few hours of NSMB) so I'm very ready to play some HD Nintendo games.

#69 Edited by BestUsernameEver (4825 posts) -

@sissylion said:No. Literally no person will support or purchase the Wii-U.

Even the family and friends of Nintendo employees will take one look and run away. After weeks of no sales, Iwata will go on world news and beg for support to keep the gaming industry competitive, he will argue extremely valid points about how Nintendo's console division serves a large market of gamers that cannot get the experience elsewhere. The nintendo website no longer displays eshop or 3DS news, but instead has a sincere message overlaying a black and white photo of shigeru miyamoto. The message, the only written text on the site by now (this is well into 2013), reads: "By now, you probably know of our misfortune, we need your support, but if it doesn't come within the year, we fear the worst for our brand. I beg of you, dear supporters of Nintendo and the wii U, if you're out there, we're here. If you insist not to buy a wii U, at least tell us why. Why? WHY? WHH." The message ends, so abruptly, that it seems the sender just pressed confirm, frustrated. Frustrated with himself, and the entire situation. But many months later of still no sales, the once iconic CEO steps down. Iwata, before he leaves the company, declares a radical business move, he states that any customer who buys the wii U within the month of October will literally get $23,000 dollars cash, a trip to North Korea, and a barely used '98 Honda Accord.

His final move as a CEO failed, people didn't even want the barely used '98 Honda Accord, and by 2015, Nintendo ends it's business. The wii U's only legacy was one of the greatest failures in the gaming and technology industry. "Was it worth it? Was it worth the countless days on the job, fighting for the Wii U's success?" Satoru Iwata muttered, staring at his glow in the dark sticker cealing. "Yes, I'd do it again today... If I didn't have terminal brain cancer."

#70 Posted by Milkman (17329 posts) -

There is literally nothing that has me excited for the Wii U.

#71 Posted by Herocide (441 posts) -


#72 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2133 posts) -

I'm only going in when they have enough good games that actually spark my interest. They haven't done that at all so far for me, so no for now.

#73 Posted by BestUsernameEver (4825 posts) -

I just hope it doesn't turn into the wii in terms of support, there were some years with the wii when I only got one worthwhile title outside of 1st party stuff. I know nintendo doesn't sell systems because of it's third party support, but I'd like to see that change with this one. Do I think it will be different? Nope.

#74 Posted by Slag (4889 posts) -

Withholding judgement for now. I really don't feel like I know about substantial about it. The little I do know is concerning, but not enough to not give the system a chance.

Definitely will not be buying it at launch, which is unusual for me and Nintendo consoles.

#75 Posted by SSully (4326 posts) -

Nope. The kind of experience I am looking for is not offered by nintendo at this point. I will miss games like mario, zelda, and all their other greats, but I will be fine.

I am interested to see what sony and microsoft have to offer. Honestly I am just hoping one of them offers a system that allows room for the casual stuff that sells, but also supports good AAA games and more open indie channels. Whoever does that the best will get my money.

#76 Posted by me3639 (1853 posts) -

Same answer i gave the Wii, Zero point Zero.

#77 Posted by Turambar (6898 posts) -

Release a Fire Emblem game for it and sure, I'll pick it up.

#78 Posted by D_train_lives (106 posts) -

@Franstone: i resisted the last 2 of all of those

#79 Posted by banishedsoul1 (294 posts) -

I love nintendo they are the disney of gaming. But i feel that i will be let down once again. They have not had great third party since the snes days imo, N64 was decent both gc and wii were god awful. 3ds so far as been meh with its game line up as well. i will get wii u but down the road not day one at this point.

#80 Edited by BrockNRolla (1694 posts) -

If I thought they still had the chops to support the franchises that have traditionally made their consoles great, then I'd say maybe.

But as it stands, nothing about the hardware is interesting, touch controls on a controller are just another gimmick like waggle, and the software on the Wii repeatedly let me down. After really disliking most of Zelda: Skyward Sword, it's fair to say that was absolutely the last Zelda game I'll buy on faith alone. Mario seems in a weird lurch where NSMB seems to be getting way too much attention for how derivative it is. And Metroid, oh my beloved Metroid, is no where in sight, and its last iteration was, well, downright bad. Without that stable of appreciated franchises, I can't be bothered to care about the Wii U.

But, Nintendo has hope assuming they price the system appropriately (Something well under $300 in my opinion). Serious gamers are very starved for something new right now, and if they haven't moved over to PCs to fill that void, the Wii U is probably going to look like an attractive prospect. Let's hope that doesn't mean Nintendo makes a bunch of money and leaves everyone burned again.

#81 Posted by Little_Socrates (5715 posts) -

Yeah, device is rad, P100 is super-fun. Buttons and sticks feel good. I would love the rumors of a 2013 release to be true, though, as my budget is tight this holiday.

#82 Posted by ProfessorEss (7523 posts) -

The only way I see me getting one is for my son. 
And that's only if the price is right which I'm not convinced it will be.

#83 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7617 posts) -

I'm not against it, I think the tablet controller offers a far more interesting gimmick than motion controls do.. but it still has a lot to prove.

The fact that it's "as powerful as a PS3, maybe even more powerful" isn't a good sign when we're likely less than a year away from the Orbis and Durango. And buying one at launch to play games like Arkham City or Mass Effect 3, that have been out on other systems for over a year, or even games like Assassins Creed 3, which can be played elsewhere, isn't particularly appealing. I'll probably pick one up eventually for the obligatory Smash Brothers/Zelda/Mario games.. but at this point, I think I'm waiting for a pretty huge price drop.

#84 Posted by Franstone (1156 posts) -

@D_train_lives: I meant more specifically a post-480p, high-def Zelda or Mario at a level that 360 or ps3 could provide.

Something Nintendo hinted at for years, but failed to deliver.

#85 Posted by TeflonBilly (4713 posts) -

Probably not at launch, but eventually. I mean we're stil getting Nintendo first party titles for it.

I for one don't regret getting a Wii (And that was at launch!) as I've played at least 20 games I enjoyed on it.

#86 Posted by Hunter5024 (5969 posts) -

Ever since I got a job I've been so flippant with the systems I buy, so yes I will probably buy one because I make bad decisions. Plus I'm sure eventually there will be a game I really want to play on it, and I'll get a good couple hours of fun out of Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U.

#87 Edited by Contrarian (1143 posts) -

I have 2 Wii, one NTSC and one PAL along with about 160 games, so I thoroughly enjoyed the Wii ride. However, I am not likely to buy the Wii-U on launch. It won't have a body of games that make me want to get it straight away, with expensive games. I think I am likely to join in about March 2013 when the launch games are much cheaper and better games are on the release calendar. I treat Nintendo consoles as an investment for the future - it will always have the games I want to play. That being said, I will probably succumb and get it for Christmas.

Give me a Wii-U Fire Emblem on launch day and I will be there, but that ain't gonna happen.

#88 Posted by Claude (16254 posts) -

I'll slide my dick up Nintendo's ass anytime. So I'm in like Flynn. Wii fuckin' U motherfucker.

#89 Posted by PillClinton (3297 posts) -

No, I'll simply continue to buy the three to five boxed games I have any interest in, then just download torrents of said games and play them in Dolphin, and probably achieve a better frame rate at 1080p.

#90 Posted by Tim_the_Corsair (3065 posts) -

I got burned the Wii and the absolute dearth of quality titles compared to every other system, especially when those quality titles were basically slightly modified versions of old Nintendo games I never liked all that much in the first place.

The Wii-U looks like the exact same shit, only with a poor quality touchscreen. Once the next-gen consoles hit, it will get half-arses ports because it won't be able to play top tier games, and it will fall behind again as it is nothing but the occasional first party release and twenty million mini game collections.

Good luck to people that want it and I truly hope you love your experience with it, but it will take something monumental to satisfy me that I am wrong about it.

#91 Posted by Contrarian (1143 posts) -

@Claude said:

I'll slide my dick up Nintendo's ass anytime. So I'm in like Flynn. Wii fuckin' U motherfucker.

Eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww! Was has been read cannot be unread!

#92 Posted by frankfartmouth (1018 posts) -

I'm a pretty big Nintendo fan, and I have a hard time missing out on new Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and Smash Bros games, but they're pushing it with the Wii U for me. I don't think they're not trying, like you say, I just don't think they have any good ideas this time around. Nintendo's always been like this, a wave of brilliant innovation followed by a wave of banality (although you could disagree with calling the Wii brilliant in total, it was certainly brilliant in some ways). Seems like they're up for a round of the latter. The price point's going to really play into this for me.

In any event, there's no way I'm buying it at launch, and there's no way it would be my primary system. But I'll probably end up getting one at some point.

#93 Posted by MEATBALL (3494 posts) -

I actually found myself trying to see if I could budget a launch purchase yesterday. >_>

#94 Posted by Doppelgamer (245 posts) -

I checked the list of games to be released, and so far there is nothing that interests me. So... no.

#95 Posted by Wong_Fei_Hung (634 posts) -

No, I'm saving all my money for a X Bux 7200 with all the trimmings.

#96 Edited by QuistisTrepe (628 posts) -

The motion gimmick is played out and that Wii-U pro controller is poorly designed. I wonder if Ninty has resorted to throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks? They appear almost directionless.

#97 Posted by banishedsoul1 (294 posts) -

@QuistisTrepe said:

The motion gimmick is played out and that Wii-U pro controller is poorly designed. I wonder if Ninty has resorted to throwing crap at the wall to see what sticks? They appear almost directionless.

uhg whats so bad about it? not what the devs are saying... you can do anything with it.

#98 Posted by Ben_H (3439 posts) -

I'm getting it because Pikmin.

#99 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

I can't believe this comes out soon, it seems like I still no nothing about it.

#100 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (850 posts) -

Not really bothered about it to be honest. Nintendo should just make games for other platforms, save some face.

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