Wii U priced at £199 on Amazon.co.uk with Price Guarantee!

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Amazon.co.uk has made an error and has put up the Black version of the Nintendo Wii U up on the site for £199 (about $310).

Now this isn't a thread to talk about those shady links about the price of the console being revealed because this is clearly an error with the White version on the site as well but without a price, and the release date is written as July 14th. This post is actually a quick heads up for people that if this is a price they would be willing to pay for the console, then they should pre-order it as it has a Price Guarentee (meaning if it announced lower then they will decrease it, but if it is higher they either have to agree to this original price or they simply cancel all pre-orders all together and no money is taken).

Since I have seen them honour price mistakes before I just wanted to make sure everyone knew about this and so they didn't miss a deal they might possibly want. Sadly it is only in the UK though.

Hope this doesn't count as spam, I just wanted to make sure those planning on getting a WiiU anyway (or at least at this price) don't miss out before they change it.

I also reccommend if you do pre-order it to take print screens of your order and the page so they cannot turn around later and say it was a different product (such as saying it was a new Nintendo Wii bundle) or a different price.


They have since changed the page so you can no longer pre-order it, here is what it previously looked like:

Sorry about the quality, when I saw it I quickly print screened it and put it into a word document to make sure I had it. Then I made this thread and by the time I remembered to go back and make a perfect print screen again it had been changed.

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In Sweden it's currently priced at 4995 SEK. That's roughly 542 Euro / 434 GBP / 677 USD.

It's obviously just a placeholder price, but damn would it be fun to behold the burning rage on Internet if that's the price Nintendo is sticking with!

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I believe they can cancel the "Price Guarantee" by saying it was pricing error.

Edit: Price seems like it could be real ,but I doubt that release day is.

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Ah I just checked though it's unfortunately had the price removed, amazon were probably notified by all the people in the forum there discussing why it was £200, I imagine they would not want to sell it for that price because that seems way too cheap.

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@TheSlothKing said:

I believe they can cancel the "Price Guarantee" by saying it was pricing error.

That is what I expect, especially with them changing it as @M1M1C just said.

However I have seen them just take the hit before - and either way no money is lost. That's why I made a post about it as soon as I saw it since whatever happens you either get the console at that price or you don't lose any money at all. I wouldn't be surprised if they cancell all the pre-orders (however they may have removed the price from the site but my order is still present at that price under my account - odd.

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Anymore than £200 - £250 absolute tops and I think it is a bad proposition. £100 for the controller and £100 for the 360 equivalent insides - I really don't see how it is worth any more.

Also I think that would get people it moving - and I think Nintendo could still probably make a profit on the package.

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Price Guarantee does not apply to electricals - only games, books, music. Also can, and has, been cancelled in the past if it is a misprice.

I can't see it costing less than $350/£249. I doubt it will sell at this price but still expect it.

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@Cincaid: The only thing that would confuse the internet even more on the WiiU was if they were to pull a PS3 on the pricing.

It would be kinda glorious, really.

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@leebmx: Honestly I think anywhere from £250 to £350 price would be more realistic. Especially with the fact that Nintendo have said they haven't announced all the features of the WiiU yet. We also do no know the final specs of the machine (and Nintendo seams sure that the launch titles only properly use half of the power of the WiiU's full capabilities - thinking of it like how the PS3 gradually grew in fidelity with its titles as they learnt how to use it but that the WiiU is starting at the same position they are ending without properly utilising it) which seems like interesting (however the truth in those comments is extremely questionable). Plus we have Nintendo saying they haven't talked about non-launch titles due to not wanting competitors to create "similar proposals".

I think they could easily turn around in the next couple months to showing the specs off and the machine is actually as powerful as 1.5 to 2 PS3's. I don't think they will do this but I think they easily could (and it would be a great strategy as it would smite Microsoft and Sony of the difference in fidelity of generations, when the jump to next gen is ultimately going to be much lower than any other generation improvement then it could really help Nintendo to release a console somewhere on the middle (just strong enough to run UE4) but without the huge price tag needed to make a massive substantial difference in fidelity to the general public.

However if they do release it for between £200 and £250 then I think they don't really have much to worry about from competitors as they can sell the higher price to the 360 and PS3 with exclusives and can compete with the next consoles by being at a much lower price. I do see that anything higher than £250 will be a slight struggle for them (and anything much higher than £350 will certainly hurt the sales of the console).

I am waiting to see what the final word on features and specs are before I decide on how much it is worth (however even its current state £200 seems like a great deal - so I am happy I saw this, even if they just cancel my order).

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@alternate: Even if they cancel it, I don't lose anything. And I read through as to what the price guarentee meant and it seemed pretty sure that it agreed on this since I have a print screen of it saying so on the product page. They can still override it and cancel it though - but even though they have changed the main website they haven't cancelled my order yet.

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@Dixavd: Friend of mine in the UK just said Amazon cancelled his preorder, guess they figured out the amount of cash they would lose if they kept the 199 GBP price tag (even if it means they backpedal from their "Price Guarantee").

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That's a weirdly low placeholder price for a console. Let's face it, chances are the US price will be $350 and somehow we'll get fucked over and have a to £300 for it. *continues grumbling about fucked pricing in the UK*

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That would be wayyy too low for a place-holder price....It would be the same price as a PS Vita (Wi-Fi edition) which is crazy!

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Here in Australia EB Games has Pre-Orders estimated at $598AUS Which sounds kinda absurd..

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