Wii Virtual Console Purchases on Wii U. Worth it?

#1 Posted by violentp69 (8 posts) -

Recently picked up a Wii U and trying to build a library with what's available. I'm looking to purchase some classic games on the Wii VC but I wonder if these will become available when the Wii U VC rolls out. I ask because I would much prefer to launch these titles from the Wii U menu over booting into the Wii menu each time. Thanks,

#2 Posted by RioStarwind (647 posts) -

It depends on how long your willing to wait. Can't say I've seen Nintendo talk about the VC coming to to WII U at all yet. I'm sure they are planning on it but it's hard to tell when they will implement it. So if your willing to wait like 1-6 months or so then don't buy anything on the Wii VC right now.

#3 Posted by Levio (1798 posts) -

@violentp69: You know as much as we do, it's a gamble either way.

#4 Posted by violentp69 (8 posts) -

I was hoping someone knew something I didn't. Truth is, I can wait. I simply don't want to buy a game I won't be able to transfer. If the option never comes, then I can get the idea of VC on my Wii U out of my head.

#5 Posted by TooWalrus (13323 posts) -

Can you play VC games on the controller's screen?

#6 Posted by violentp69 (8 posts) -

Not that I'm aware of.

#7 Posted by SirShandy (41 posts) -

Wii U virtual console is mentioned by Iwata in one of the recent Iwata Asks, so it is planned, but dates and content are still up in the air. But I'd expect content bought on the new virtual console will be playable on the gamepad screen, while the original VC stuff is not.

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