Will the Wii U make a come back?

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I want to know if anyone on this fourm holds the opinion that the Wii U still has a chance.

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Wii and See

Also No

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It has a chance of me wanting it, but sales-wise, I can't tell you man.

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It could do a slow, Gamecube like climb with a small, dedicated fanbase.

But I wouldn't bet money on it.

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I'd like to see it make a comeback. And it can if Nintendo puts out games like Mario Kart 8 and The new Smash soon enough. But I'm not too confident that it can compete with Sony or even Microsoft in the long term.

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No Chance no matter what will happen. It is a dead system

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It'd take quite a bit, and Bayonetta 2's the closest I'm seeing right now.

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Depends on your definition of "coming back."

The only hope Nintendo had of being relevant in the broader console market and making any dent in the current order of things was if Sony went along with Microsoft's pre-E3 insanity. With Sony offering an attractive console and MS aggressively brushing aside their DRM and Kinect initiatives, Nintendo is right back to where they've been since Sony put out the PlayStation: completely irrelevant to anyone outside of their fanboys, and so far behind the other two that they're not worth talking about when it comes to "console war" debate.

Hell, the only reason Nintendo still dominates handhelds is because Sony doesn't understand that gamers don't want home games on the go, but rather games that can be engaging and quickly picked up and put down in an outside environment.

That being said, the Wii U will be a money-maker by the time it's over and done. Software production is finally getting where it needs to be, and we'll no doubt be back to the tent-pole titles every four or five months that move Nintendo consoles. Remember, this is the company that made money off the GameCube, which sold barely anything compared to the PS2, because they were sold most of the software purchased for it, and they sold it well. Nintendo doesn't need to "come back" in order to make shit-tons of money, they just need to get the software their primary audience wants, and they'll be AOK.

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hell naw

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Comeback implies it had a moment.

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What do you mean by comeback? Do I think that sales will ever pick up from where they are? Absolutely. Do I think that they will match the other consoles? No. I highly doubt it will end up being some Dreamcast level catastrophe, it will probably end up selling around as well as the Gamecube, which is fine, no one expected Wii sales numbers out of this thing. People can talk about how sick they are of the same old franchises as much as they want, but everyone has a Nintendo franchise or two that means something to them, and if they don't, then they probably wouldn't have bought a Wii U no matter what games they came out with. Also people need to stop using comparisons to measure success.

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Depends on your definition of comeback.

As it is and taking into account Nintendo's big hitters aren't on the platform yet I think it will do something between GCN and 64 numbers when all is said and done. If that is a comeback or not is debatable. On the other hand Nintendo could pull something big that catches the mass market like we have seen with many of their new IPs in the last 10 years, nobody expected them to catch on either. Or they could badly fuck up and release shit games.

I think Mario Kart getting pushed to next year and missing the holidays is a very bad thing.

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It can't comeback when it doesn't have nothing to comeback too.

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I think the sales will pick up, but compared to the PS4 and Xbox One it's going to be a laughing stock.

Get it? Because it sells bad, it's a laughing stock, as in the stock market, and...

I'll just be leaving this thread now...

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Peaked on launch day.

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