This must be dead

#1 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

There was no mention of it during the press confrence what so ever, I'd wager if anybody asks them about it they'll deny ever announcing it and go all "What, no you must be thinking of another company.."

#2 Posted by Enigma777 (6063 posts) -

They officially killed it off months ago...

#3 Posted by mordukai (7198 posts) -

The Irony. 

#4 Posted by BeachThunder (12592 posts) -
@Mordukai said:
The Irony. 
Ah, I sensed that someone would point that out.
#5 Posted by Beforet (2941 posts) -

Playstation Vita lity Sensor.Think about it.

#6 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

How would that have been fun!

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