1000 wii points: what to buy?

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I haven't played with my Wii in over a year.  My game collection for the system has gone flaccid you might say.  Okay enough of that.  Anyway, I've been gifted 2000 Wii points in the agreement that I'd buy a certain thing.  I've bought it now and have 1000 left over.  I have absolutely no idea what's on the store so instead of sifting through the gigantic pile of feces that is the Wii store, I figured I'd ask: is there anything there worth picking up?

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Virtual Console.  

@Shadow said:

" My game collection for the system has gone flaccid "

That will fix your problem, for sure.
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@iDarktread: Nah, I still have that disc that came with Wind Waker so I can play it or Master Quest on the Wii anytime.
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The first Lost Winds game (the second one is just ok) or Nyxquest are both really good WiiWare games and both cost 1000 Wii points.
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@Shadow: Yeah, I thought I'd recommend it just in case you missed it. 
BIT.TRIP FLUX is supposedly very good, and even though I haven't played it myself yet, I like that sort of game a lot. 
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I know a Podcast that can help you with that...Its soon to be pulling in at the station!
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Castlevania: Rondo of Blood.

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@Hizang said:
" I know a Podcast that can help you with that...Its soon to be pulling in at the station! "
That's right, ask the NDX conductor, Jeff Gerstman. CHOOOO! CHOOOOOOO!
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Kirby Super Star

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buy a refund

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Ok, let's get it started on Wiiware- Heavy Fire: Black Arms from Teyon, 2 players 500 Wii points. 

Set out on a dangerous campaign in South America in a continuation of the popular shooter Heavy Fire: Special Operations. As a special forces recruit you will take part in the operation to stop an illegal arms trade. Heavy Fire brings players a classic arcade light-gun game, enhanced with stunning graphics and new exciting features.

Destroy the biggest weapon cartel, Fuerza de Voluntad, which is influential all over the continent. You can team up with a friend and experience an immersive co-op mode. Enjoy dynamic minute-to-minute gameplay in various weather conditions and settings in the heart of a jungle. Smash objects and interact with them, perform quick events and face your enemies with new powerful weapons. With plenty of weapon types and various vehicles at your disposal, put an end to the expansion of the paramilitary organization! Take full advantage of the Wii Remote controller and Wii Zapper accessory as the stakes are higher than ever!

next up....
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paper mario is pritty worth it off the virtual console

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You could buy Super Mario World(800points) if you didn't play it back in the day. But be aware,  you need the classic controller to play it.
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well you could get Earthbound oh wait no you can't
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On the Wiiware side, Castlevania and Contra Rebirth is both pretty great

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@Shadow: Bit.Trip: Runner 
I looooove that game.
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Majora's Mask, Super metroid or paper mario on the virtual console. There's also mega man 9 and 10.

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I can't recommend Art Style: light trax enough, but I think I'm the only person in the world who really likes that game. Who knows, maybe you will, too!

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 you have a lot of chooses in wii VC,  it's depend in what you like. If I were you I would like to buy some old and awesome ones like  Super Mario Bros. 3. 

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Actually, those Heavy Fire games are the ones I was given the 2000 points for.
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Fuck this, just buy the original games and systems, done!
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Try the Bit.Trip games, Cave Story, or your favorite N64 game.

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I saw this and concluded that I had no choice in the matter. Thanks anyway for your suggestions, guys.   

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