Amazon is having a controller price drop

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Wiimotes - usually $50 now $35 with Wii Motion+ 
Nunchaku - usually $20 now $14 
Classic Controller Pro - usually $20 now $15 (Only the Black unit) 
Who knows for how long. I think the best deal so far are the Wiimotes since they're pretty much 15 bucks off and you get that Motion+ (cuz I know that's what you're really after. Not!) 
Kind of tempting, but I already have two controllers... 
Price drop is over!
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Damn good deals I say.

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Awesome. They were selling 360 controllers for half-off for like a month, but it was limited to one per customer. Dude... the Wii remotes aren't on sale anymore, apparently. Or you gave us a bad link or something.
Looks like you posted this a moment too late, man. Bummer. I was about to buy the Wii Remote and Motion Plus combo. Oh well, good looking out.

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They I checked back on them and the prices were set back to normal.
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@Emilio: Yeah, you told us a little too late. I originally replied to you like 5 minutes after you posted, and already the sales were over. Consider yourself lucky. Still, thanks for trying to help us out.
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The Pink ones are $40.

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No dude, I posted this like a few days ago... The edit just shows it weird. 
I swear those things were up for a while, as I pondered on whether or not to buy that Blue controller. 
To to tell you the truth, I didn't buy any of 'em, as I already have two Motion+ devices through a Best Buy coupon. I really wish that the controllers came by themselves, as the bundled option raises the price of the controller by $10-15.
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When I made my first post, it said you made your original post 5 minutes before then. Seriously. This was before you edited it at all.

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