Are there any good deals on Wii's right now?

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I'm going to get one for my girlfriend and I want to try and get the best deal.

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@dawnofthesean said:

" I'm going to get one for my girlfriend and I want to try and get the best deal. "

What country are you in? 
In Australia they are dong plenty of deals with as many as 4 games free, so I imagine it is much the same elsewhere.  Some of the games are utter crap though, so you would be best shopping around.
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Man that sounds pretty sweet, but I live in the states. I think target had something going on where you could get a wii and wii sports resort for $200 but I dont think they are doing it anymore.

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The best possible, that I can think of, is buying one that is used.  hell, there might be some advantages to a used one such as downloaded software (if they didn't delete it that is.) 
The used stuff seem to be going for about $150. 
You could also give yourself some leg room and calculate a strategy to lower the cost.  Buy a broken console and send it to Nintendo to be repaired for $50 to $75.  Some consoles may have missing parts, which you can easily replace. 
Nintendo has an online store in which you can replace part for the system. 
Nintendo Store 

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@dawnofthesean: JET SET RADIO!
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@dawnofthesean: Walmart has a deal right now. Might be the best deal unless you wanna go used.
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@demontium:  I know Sega should make another Jet Set Radio. I miss beat. 
@Dalai: Yeah thats probably what I'm going to do. Get that package with Wii Play for the extra controller.
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I just got Gamestop. They're giving away a new free copy of Wii Sports Resort with it. That includes the Wii MotionPlus. I thought it was a good deal.
Not sure why I got a Wii again, but that's okay.

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