Club Nintendo Elite Rewards

#1 Posted by demontium (5084 posts) -

Nintendo, you are once again awesome. 
Just ordered my figurine.

#2 Posted by Akel (167 posts) -

Only reached Gold. *Sigh* Calendars...useful I suppose, but not as awesome as figurines :(

#3 Posted by Emilio (3582 posts) -
The calendar is kind of neat... I got it last year, so I'm wondering what the art will be for the new one. 
I still really really really want a Doc Louis's Punch Out code... :(
#4 Posted by BreakABone (21 posts) -

Yeah made it to gold, had enough for Elite but never bothered doing the points before. 
I did like July 1st and already got Gold for this year. Also ordered the Mario calenders

#5 Posted by Emilio (3582 posts) -
Enjoy your one time use paper calendar! AHHAHAHAHA 
No, but seriously, its pretty neat.
#7 Posted by AdvanceStrat (58 posts) -

Got the figurine myself, just barely hit the 600 mark in time.  Looks pretty neat.

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