Do you regret buying a Nintendo Wii?

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#101 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

I have had three Wii's since it's release and regret buying none of them. It's very cheap compared to the PS3/360 and has some great games on it.

#102 Posted by turbomonkey138 (5280 posts) -

Hell naw

#103 Posted by Matt_F606 (350 posts) -

I thought I did. I hadn't used it for ages but I booted up New Super Mario Brother earlier this week and had a great time.

#104 Posted by Turambar (7673 posts) -

Between Brawl, Okami, Muramasa, Mario(s), Epic Yarn, and Fire Emblem, I have no regrets.

#105 Posted by Subject2Change (2971 posts) -

I got mine for free through my CreditCard rewards points, would have i purchased it with money; probably not. Currently it's at my parents house and ill play some when i am there from time to time, my sister uses it more than me. 
I regret purchasing my 360 however, I bought it for Splinter Cell Conviction cause it looked amazing and was ultimately disappointed. As someone who never got onto the HALO thing and doesn't generally play console shooters if there is a PC option I have yet to even put maybe 20-30 hours into the system. It was used more when my PS3 YLOD and i used it to Stream TV shows to vis PS3 Media Server. After Gears 3 and anything else exclusive I can think of, i'll probably sell it.
#106 Posted by MetalMoog (971 posts) -
@Ygg said:
I regretted it and managed to get all my money back.  I will never understand why people like Smash Bros, it wasn't that much fun and it looks laughable when played competitively....  Super Mario Galaxy was pretty good but it didn't do all that much for me, definitely the best game available around the time I had one. (2008 or maybe 2009 I think)  I wasn't pissed at Nintendo but it was a reminder that I'm really not that into Nintendo games. Guess I haven't been for a long time.
Amen to this.
#107 Posted by Niall_Sg1 (379 posts) -

Don't regret it. But I don't need one. 
The games I played on it are fun, but I've only played them a couple of times. 

#108 Posted by MoonlightMoth (548 posts) -

Not really, I've played and enjoyed more than my fair share of Wii games, despite it never getting the same use as my PS3 or 360.

#109 Posted by JackSukeru (6343 posts) -

Not at all and I won't be done with it for a good while probably. I still haven't played Epic Yarn or DKCR, and then there's Zelda which I'm actually pretty excited for. Not to mention the VC titles I have on there that I still like to go back to. Gonna start going through Other M this weekend probably too.

#110 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3484 posts) -

It was worth it for Brawl alone. I also love Shattered Memories; It's easily one of the better games released within the last few years.

#111 Posted by dirkfunk (175 posts) -

My. . . Mom. . . gave me hers. . . after it collected dust for a year.
I never use it.

#112 Posted by ajamafalous (12796 posts) -

I do.

#113 Posted by JonathanMoore (1880 posts) -

The Wii has been dissapointing over the years, but I totally got Mario Galaxy, MG2 and all the Virtual Console games I ever wanted. So it's all good, when I'm bored of Wii games, I just go to the backlog of old Nintendo games, of which they make it very convenient for me to play.

#114 Posted by altairre (1473 posts) -

Not at all...oh wait...I do not own one.

#115 Posted by NickBOTT (493 posts) -

Even though it's currently collecting dust and not even plugged into an outlet and hasn't been for months maybe even years, I still don't regret it because I did have fun with Mario Strikers, Zelda and a couple other games.  As for the Wii U the only reason I would get it is bc I am and always will be a hardcore Zelda fan so I would have to play the new Zelda when it comes out.  Maybe I could rent the system or buy it beat the game then return it?  Other than that I have absolutely no desire to own another Nintendo system that's just going to be another dust collector.  

#116 Posted by firewrkninja (242 posts) -
@awadnin said:
@firewrkninja: but there are many other awsome games on wii like:   Mario Galaxy 1 + 2   Metroid Prime Trilogy and other M  No More Heroes  ...etc
out of the 4 you mentioned i have only played mario galaxy 1
think about what the wii would be like if super smash bros brawl had never existed
#117 Posted by muralbat (157 posts) -

I have to be honest, I've had my wii since release, went through the trouble of getting it imported and all that jazz, and for the first year or two, after the initial appeal wore off, it became a relic on my gaming counter, but in the past year or so, it's had a new lease of life for me, not only through gaming, but BBC iPlayer has been a welcome edition. I got around to buying the gamecube games I never played when they were new and using the Classic controller and/or gamecube controller to play some games increased my enjoyment more than I thought possible, Goldeneye wii with a gamecube controller is an absolute joy to play. Its finally getting the use I wanted from the start and I'm enjoying every second. Will I pick up WiiU based on my enjoyment of the wii, im not so sure. Maybe, I think if anything, the experience of the first couple of years of Wii Ownership has made me slightly more reserved in my hype for the WiiU

#118 Posted by manicraider (138 posts) -
@altairre said:
Not at all...oh wait...I do not own one.
What's with all of these posts about not owning one? Why are you in the Wii section if you don't own a Wii and why would you respond to a thread that's obviously for Wii owners?
#119 Posted by Turambar (7673 posts) -

No, not at all. There were a select few games I was buying a Wii for in the first place, and none of them disappointed.

#120 Posted by Hector (3531 posts) -

No, I keep it to the side of my PS3. Play them both.

#121 Posted by robot4me (204 posts) -

I loved the wii until I bought a 360.
I don't regret buying a wii since my kids love it.

#122 Posted by DeF (5292 posts) -

Nope, there's a ton of great stuff on there. There are a lot of smaller disappointments though like the fact that there has only ever been one significant firmware update (the one that allowed you to save stuff to an SD card). But I bought the thing on day one and wouldn't give it back even now.

As for the Wii U, I'm predicting trouble cause Nintendo never does what most people want them too (= be just like MS and Sony) but I know there will be great content as well so I'm excited regardless. The times of having only one current system are over for me anyway.

#123 Posted by SkylarTrace (121 posts) -

I don't regret it however I've only used  the Wii maybe about 7 or 8 times since it came out. I just think Nintendo should make more high quality games for it since I only bought 4 titles for the console.

#124 Posted by MetalMoog (971 posts) -

I did until I bought Twilight Princess and Monster Hunter Tri. Now I'm happy in pants.

#125 Posted by sugetipula (106 posts) -

I bought one last year for specific games, so I don't regret it. I would have regreted it a lot If I would have bought it back in 2007 and expected the amount of quality titles that the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC get.

#126 Edited by mariokart64fan (422 posts) -

excuse me what, for less then 260 lol less then 160 now , who can be regreting a wii , i paid 600 bucks for a ps3 and dont even own a fraction of the games i own for my ds 360 and wii lol let alone my older consoles

so if any thing id regret the ps3 ,the most

in fact most people who own the wii , always overlook the good games, -fact! every single core game made has been over looked, from no more heroes zack and wiki to mad world and conduit ,

fact is , wii offers more games more variety and for the most important part good exclusives from first and 3rd party , somthing ps3 does not have - they may have a hit or 3 from sony them selfs but , everything else is multiplat shared between wii 360 or all 3 , plus handhelds

so if you asked me was this gen good id say heck no! to many fpses not enough exclusives for the 3 platforms from third party unlike last gen or n64 gen , or even snes nes gen ,

to many fpses is the problem , and lack of split screen has became popular ,

so no i dont regret wii without it this gen is pointless all people can claim about this gen , was this shooter the next halo was this the graphics king , seriously,

this is not what games were , and most certainly not going to make me change my mind because after 2007 xbox 360 has not had a single game that did not consist of halo gears or forza that was exclusive,

everything else again shared between all 3 or ps3 360 pc ,

and now adays its all about call of duty!

and all nintendos ips,

seriously have you seen the charts , most of the titles on them are cod or nintendos and maybe a few ps3 sony made games, with the exception of the times where theres new releases , which makes ps3 360 wii etc get games on the list,

and the industrys non-nintendo branded game that is the highest selling is call of duty black ops !

#127 Posted by Elusionar (326 posts) -


#128 Posted by Mikemcn (7851 posts) -

No, but its a huge letdown.

#129 Posted by NegativeCero (3120 posts) -

I never bought a Wii, but I almost chose a Wii over a 360 because it was cheaper. Luckily knowing what I know now, it was sold out everywhere and I didn't put money down to preorder it. But there are still some games I'd like to try on it.

#130 Posted by BoG (5390 posts) -

I think this is the wrong answer, but the Virtual Console makes the machine worth owning, in my opinion. I've played dozens of classics thanks to VC.
#131 Posted by Captain_Rick (15 posts) -

every days since

#132 Posted by FreakAche (3035 posts) -
#133 Posted by FriskyHeadCrab (43 posts) -

Meh. i got my money out of the little white box.

As much love as I have for the company though. I'm not sure I'll be buying the system's successor.

I'm just not Japanese enough to overlook all the technical limitations of what is bound to be limited hardware, austere multiplayer options, and piss-poor third party support.

#134 Posted by Rheinmetall (179 posts) -

Yes I regretted it very much. I realized that I can't play with the motion control. I like playing games at a relaxed position, not holding two controllers and swinging my left arm. Now I keep it in its box.

#135 Posted by kagato (1160 posts) -

No, like others i have been disappointed with the lack of games from 3rd parties, but i always buy all three of the consoles anyway so the gap between games isn't as long for me as it would be for someone who only has a Wii. Ive had some really great experiences on the system with titles like No More Heroes, Tatsunuko vs Capcom and Monster Hunter Tri, and im currently enjoying Xenoblade so its hard to complain when the titles are of such a high quality.

#136 Posted by Jonnyflash80 (527 posts) -

I don't regret it because I played a bunch of good games on it. People say there aren't enough good games for the system but there are some great gems out there amidst all the shovelware. You just have to look. I also still use it for my Netflix player on the family room TV. Also, I really enjoyed the Wii Virtual Console which allowed me to re-visit some amazing games I played from my childhood.

I rarely play games on it anymore but I feel that I got my moneys worth out of the system and I'll be keeping mine for a long time so that in the future I can re-visit the virtual console games and first-party games like Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime series, and Zelda.

#137 Posted by FriedGreenEngineer (5 posts) -

Absolutely not. It's my most played system this generation. The Virtual Console and WiiWare games always keep me goin', along with Nintendo's strong first-party games.

#138 Posted by falserelic (5725 posts) -


#139 Posted by Spiegel (158 posts) -

I bought it to Play Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3 and Mario Galaxy, kept it to play Mario Galaxy 2, and it's still plugged on my TV to play Skyward Sword. And modded it to play some import stuff. Nope, don't regret it.

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