Good way spend my left over Wii Shop points?

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Okay, here's the situation: 
I've bought $36 (3600 points) worth of virtual console games on the Wii. Metroid and Super Mario 2 were 500 each and then i bought Shining Force, which was 800, bringing my total to 1800. Nintendo only let's you purchase points in increments of 1000 ($10), so i had 200 left. Today, i rounded out my Zelda collection by finally getting A Link To The Past, which was, again, 800. I now have 400 points left over and the chepest stuff is 500, i know i'll have to spend even more money unfortunately... So anyone have a good way of brining me back down to zero points? 
EDIT: Your ideas can involve me spending upwards of $20 extra. Hope that helps

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Put 10 dollars in, get a TurboGrafx game for 600 pts, you'll have 800 pts left you can get a SNES or Genesis game. 
Or, you can put 10 dollars in, get a Snes or Genesis game for 800 pts, and you'll have 600 pts left to get a TurboGrafx game. 
Or, you can get a TurboGrafx CD game for 800 pts, and you'll have 600 pts for a TurboGrafx game.  
Or, you can get a TurboGrafx CD import for 900 points, and you'll have 500 points left for a NES or Master System game.
I'd recommend Splatterhouse, Bonk's Adventure, Soldier Blade, Bomberman '93, Star Parodier, Rondo of Blood, or Ys Book I & II.
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Are there any Wiiware games for 400 points?

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No, the cheapest games are 500 pts.  
There used to be a rumor that Sega Master System games would be 400 pts, but they released them at 500 pts.

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