Greatest 16-Bit RPG coming to the Wii

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So, all of you who thought the Virtual Console on the Wii was mostly dead, well, yeah, you're mostly right. I mean, next month, Japan is only getting a whole three games. But one of those is Chrono Trigger. They're charging a premium price (900 Wii points), but that still seems like a fair deal for one of the greatest 16-bit RPGs. Here's the article from Joystiq: 

Nintendo's Virtual Console release schedule for April includes just three games -- quite a contrast from the service's high points in 2007 and 2008, when the monthly additions would routinely top a dozen. However, even with just three releases, Nintendo of Japan manages to make us totally jealous, because one of those releases is Chrono Trigger.

Nintendo (or Square Enix) has decided to charge a premium 900 Wii Points for the Super Nintendo RPG, a 100-point markup that is usually reserved for games "imported" from other regions, but used here basically because they can. That's still cheaper than the current (discounted) price for the DS version in the US.

In case we hadn't achieved sufficient jealousy levels, the other planned SNES release for next month is Mega Man X, which will sell for the standard 800-point price in Japan. Also on the schedule: King of the Monsters 2 for Neo Geo. 
They're also getting Mega Man X, which is probably my favorite Mega Man game (or at least the one I spent the most time with).
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These are not bad games. I haven't played Chrono Trigger yet (hoping to borrow the DS one from my brother soon), but nice on these games.

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I was expecting something about Lufia, since that's the only 16 bit RPG I've heard of coming to Virtual Console, but this post is far more legitimate.

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Cool I guess.

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@Video_Game_King said:
" I was expecting something about Lufia, since that's the only 16 bit RPG I've heard of coming to Virtual Console, but this post is far more legitimate. "
You mean you didn't know about Final Fantasy IV or any of the other SNES-era RPGs already on the Virtual Console?
Dude, where have you been? :P
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I'm aware of those; I'm just referring to recent stories about Virtual Console.
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And here I was hoping this was going to be a remake of FF6.
Chrono Trigger already came out recently on DS.

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Now I can decimate Chrono Trigger on another console! 

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How many times am i going to be forced to buy chrono trigger? damn you nintendo for taking my money.
this is going to make my 5th verison >.<

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This isn't about Earthbound! I've been hoodwinked! 
But if Chrono Trigger comes to the states on VC, I'll definitely get it.

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Isn't Super Mario RPG already on the Virtual Console ?

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@damswedon said:
" Isn't Harvest Moon already out? "
Is that an RPG? I thought it was a farming simulator or something.
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I love Chrono Trigger, but Square's tendency to overcharge for it is getting ridiculous ($40 for the DS port). Especially because they cite "poor sales" as a reason for no continuation of the series...

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@StarFoxA: $40? I got mine for $20.
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@Tireyo643: That's how much it was initially ($5 more than a traditional DS game).
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Ah! Ok. Gotcha.
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I was promised EarthBound.

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@LordAndrew said:
" I was promised EarthBound. "
I wish but it's never going to happen. I just re-played it on my SNES last month.
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Got my hopes up for EarthBound. Alas....

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Yeah, Earthbound probably won't ever happen. Only because it lifts so much popular music and themes. For them to re-release this would require insane royalty negotiations or stripping out every copyright infringing song. 
Anyway, if Chrono Trigger is heading this way I'll pick it up on virtual console. I skipped the DS version but I need a better version than the PS1.

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