Help: Channel page and Home menu has a mind of its own..

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Having a strange issue with my Wii as of late in that when its left idle on the Channel screen for a period of time it will ether move to the next channel page(or pages if left long enugh) or bring up the Home menu on its own. Doesn't seem to exhibit any such phantom behaviour when actually playing a game though.  I have tested with the Wiimote completely dead (removed battery's) for about 30 minutes and nothing weird happened. So whatever is going on it seems to be at random times when the Wiimote is on. 

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#2 Posted by Emilio (3581 posts) -
I'm guessing your controller is busted?
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@Emilio:  Im not sure what it is as since I posted this I have put in a fair few hours on CODBLOPS and Goldeneye with no phantom inputs at all. Weird indeed.. 

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