How do I connect my Wii to my Laptop's Monitor?

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Your laptop has a VGA in right? Vdigi cable works good on my monitor.

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yeah first thing is to check if your laptop has a VGA in if it does then any Wii VGA cable should do the trick.

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Well this is what it looks like It is 15-pin, but does not have the female screws.  
Edit: I am not sure if it's VGA input or output. I have the sneaking suspicion it's output, but how do I check. Do I download Speccy and have a look or is there some other way I can check?

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Mine's a VGA out only, so yeah, make sure and check.

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Not trying to sound stupid here, but how do you check? 

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Considering the only place I have ever seen a video input on a laptop has been on super specific media models, I'm going to make an educated guess here and say all you have is output.
Sorry, chief.
(Note: Look in your laptop documentation to prove I am correct and sexually attractive)

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I checked and it is indeed output. It seems that I have to do this through by USB port. How should I go about doing this?

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@GiveUpNed: I'm fairly sure you can't do video input via USB.
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@jadeskye said:
" @GiveUpNed: I'm fairly sure you can't do video input via USB. "
Yes, tis what I thought as well. I think you are, how you say, shit outta luck.   : )
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It would be extremely ghetto, but, you could use a Dazzle. It'll lag differently depending on how fast your computer is. Last resort?

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" @GiveUpNed said:

" I was told to get an XGA box (, now I need a way to connect it to my laptop. What do you guys suggest? "

That won't work because your laptop has just VGA output.

Isn't this Gamebridge-AVC-1400 the way to get video via USB?

Edit: Yeah. Gamebridge might have some latency issuses.

The Dazzle, Gamebridge, and devices like it will output video to your computer screen. It's for recording purposes though, and people generally run a splitter to play on the tv while the game records on the computer. I have a Dazzle and the lag on the video as it outputs to the computer definitely makes any game unplayable. It's very severe. Haven't tried a Gamebridge but I imagine it's similar.
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Yes, you can do that, but be aware of lag (as stated before) and probably blurry video quality.

If you are going to buy one of those devices, it would be nice to hear if it really is possible to play games with it.

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Ok thanks guys! I am getting the EasyCap capture device for about $8 off Amazon, so with shipping (to Canada) it will be about $15. I have found a way to get everything working on Windows 7 x64. Once I have a nice video of me showing how, I will post it up here so others who want to play games on their laptop will know how.  
Edit: @saminougat: Yup, the videos show that the quality and lag is minimal. For $15 you can't complain really. It was either that or buying a 200+ device.   
Second Edit: Grammar. 

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Then it will definitely be worth it and if it is not suitable for gaming, you'll probably find other uses for it :).

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Yup, after I saw youtube videos of people using it, I couldn't complain. As a heads up to others wondering, use and not .ca. Amazon .com is $50 cheaper and the shipping is negligible as it's such a small product. I also have ordered the Wode jukebox for convenience, Gamecube controller, Classic controller and a Wii Fightstick. I would order more controllers, but everyone that comes over just wants to play the party games.

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So, don't you own a TV or what's the problem here? Seems like a mighty shitty party with everyone huddled over a laptop playing Wii games on a tiny screen with potentially laggy/blurry video. 

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Get a capture card / tuner card / capture/tuner-USB-device, that is your only chance. However, picture quality and lag will depend on the performance of your laptop.

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@fuzzyponken said:
" So, don't you own a TV or what's the problem here? Seems like a mighty shitty party with everyone huddled over a laptop playing Wii games on a tiny screen with potentially laggy/blurry video.  "
I have a TV, but this is when I am travelling (in a hotel) or am in my room and want some privacy.
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Ok everyone, I have ordered the EasyCap device (13.44 incl shipping to Canada from and I am going to use AMcap as my software (it's a low resource capture software)

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Do tell us then how this worked out.

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For sure. I will make a nice guide and everything. I am actually excited! :)

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Wow, it was REALLY easy to do. I was worried that It wouldn't work, but the manufacturers got a clue. I downloaded  AMcap ( and it automatically saw everything. There was a bit of interlacing, but you can change to widescreen in the Wii settings and that fixes everything. If you have some interlacing problems still, use CaptureFlux or VirtualDub and you should be fine. Wow, it was a breeze to use! This may not work as well with the 360 or PS3 as the Wii is only 480p, or DVD quality, not high def. So basically to all the naysayers, I GOT IT WORKING AND IT'S GREAT!

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