Metroid ...other M-istake ?

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After devouring the recentley released Metroid:other M trailer today .. i must torn
. I love team ninja for the most part and god knows i love metroid (who doesnt)...hell what gamer doesnt have early metroid memories flowing throughout their very being? Yet it appears, at least so far, that they are stripping metroid of its very soul. Eerie atmospheric tension.....and solitary exploration....

The two biggest elements that define the series for me are absent in these early trailers and that is my biggest concern for team ninjas take on this legendary series.

Although lets be much can you truly gather from an early trailer such as this. From what ive "seen" though....the pacing of the game appears far too energetic/action oriented for my tastes. When you tear away the core values that make the series so magical(for lack of a better word) you are taking a very interesting risk. The feel of the game overall looks to be completley different than any sort of metroid iteration of the past.

Maybe this risk will pay off....and the final product will have a unique and engrossing mystique of its own....but it wont be "metroid".

I cringe every time samus grabs that alien in a headlock and blasts him across the room.....

I hope im wrong about this one.

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Honestly, what I've seen so far of the actual game makes it look like poorer cousin of Shadow Complex.  Itagaki's leaving of Team Ninja has damaged them irreparably it seems.

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I remember a lot of people saying a Metroid FPS was the worst idea ever conceived. 
...I'm just saying, s'all.
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@RoujinX said:
" I remember a lot of people saying a Metroid FPS was the worst idea ever conceived.  ...I'm just saying, s'all. "
I was never one of them.  When I saw the vids for Other M I actually was impressed because from the general Team Ninja shenanigans (I'm a huge TN fan from DOA2 on the Dreamcast) the direction of the characters seemed in line with those of Project Sylpheed which wasn't a bad game at all in terms of fleshing out the story.  However, the more recent in game shots and such just make the whole thing look bland and directionless.  The art style looks more like HAZE on PS3 than Metroid.
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Dude is still pimping his blog all over GB.

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Team Ninja is just making the combat, engine, and graphics. The rest is still Nintendo at it's core. 
I think it looks great btw. It's a sweet mix of Fusion + Prime + Ninja Gaiden.

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I am not that big a Metroid fan, only one I have played is the remake of the original on GBA, and I don't see much a difference in solitary exploration or eerieness from Other M.
Granted, everything else about Other M is extremely different, but those two things appear to be present in Other M.

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