More Lost Winds for Wii Ware

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Wii Ware has always been underwhelming, but there have been some stand out games such as Lost WInds. Frontier games have released two Lost Wind downloadable titles and they have always been received well by critics. The two games must have sold reasonably well because Frontier games have said that more games are coming to the series. David Braben was quoted as saying the series is "far from dusted" and "There are still many more stories to tell from [game's world] Mistralis." Frontier says to expect to hear updated news soon about the new Lost Winds title.   
I bought and played both Lost Winds and Lost Winds: Winter of Melodias, and am excited to hear that the series will continue. How do you feel about experiencing more Lost Winds? 


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Sounds great to me (loved both games), but I am honestly shocked that either one sold enough to warrant more. I just don't perceive anything on WiiWare as having been successful. But maybe it's just me...  It would be interesting if they released some sales numbers.

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Both Lost Winds were the featured games on the Wii Shop channel for a long stretch of time. Although they may not have sold well, the games may have sold well by Wii Ware standards.
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Sweet. Both Lost Winds games are great. Their as good as zelda...if zelda was only one dungeon long.

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The LostWinds games are much more like Metroid games than Zelda.

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I bought and played the first Lost Winds game. I thought the game was really innovative and fun. It was a little short, but I can accept that from a downloadable title. I never picked up the second game though. I have been away from my Wii for a couple of months now. I think it is a time for a reunion. I just need some time to finally get into something that I want to finish. I think I will start playing Ys on Turbografx. I still haven't played that game. 

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