Need suggestions on a game to Rent/buy

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So my rift account just got stolen and since i'm not the OO i cant get it restored until i can get a hold of the OO. 
So, until then i'm gonna sit on my couch and play my wii. But the thing is i don't know what i want to play. 
So. What i'm looking for is An Action RPG that i can be a caster in throughout the whole game. Id also like it to last me at least 3 days of solid play time. I also need it to have a good balance between story and gameplay.  
So, tl;dr looking for an action RPG wii game thats solid and will last me a few days. 
So, Did you see what i did thar?

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I love Monster Hunter Tri. It's the reason I own a Wii. It's damn hard though.

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@l4wd0g: Yea that came up alot on some sites i looked on. But mind telling me if theres any character customization, (i.e. specs/ items) and if i can play as a caster (i.e. Mage) 
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Little King's Story is alright and pretty cheap at this point.  Not really an Action RPG, but kind of.

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@phish09:  Well thats awfully vague, mind filling me in a little more? :P
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Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is a JRPG with action combat. I haven't played it myself, but if it's like other Tales games at least one controllable mage should join your party.

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@Icemael: Hmm ok ill check it out. :D  
: Thanks! ill check it out!
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Well im gonna try and grab "Monster Hunter Tri" thanks for the advice all!

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Good luck. Tri is hard.

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Yeah, Tri can be kind of rough.  You'll probably get a kick out of it if you can get past the difficulty, though!
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:( they didnt have it so i got "Epic Mickey" for my sister and "SpiderMan: iforgetwhatsitscalled" but the newest one that lets you play as multiple spidermen.

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