new holiday wii bundle -wi slim is launching in the us

#1 Posted by mariokart64fan (422 posts) -

as you know nintendo already announced this same new console for europe it appears now they will be selling this alongside the current wiis it will not have gamecube backwards compatibility also those who like the gc controller will have no choice but to ditch it for the classic controller pro/classic controller original,

or just buy the original wii until they plan to completely discontinue it but any how the holiday bundle includes the wii that only sits horizontal -flat ,

its black just like the other wii , and includes new super mario bros and a super mario galaxy soundtrack ,

unsure if wii sports resort is still in side , cause the article never mentioned it ,

its 149.99 same price as current mariokart/wiisports resort bundles,

#2 Posted by sopranosfan (1965 posts) -

So they want you to pay the same amount for a product with fewer features?

#3 Posted by mariokart64fan (422 posts) -

isnt that what sony did and microsoft did to . ya i thought so

get over it , in fact ps3 removed those media bays , backwards compatibility w ps2 and 2 usb ports less then the phat models, so technically nintendos not the only one to do this and quite frankly , --- your lucky wii played gamecube games to begin with if you look at nintendos track record , that should tell you , chances were pretty minimum from the start ,

-snes could not play nes games n64 could not play snes games and gc sure as heck couldnt play n64 games, so ftr , this isnt unusual for consoles not to play their older consoles games , after all i think the point of buying new consoles is for newer games not for games we already have access to

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