New "Wii Family Edition" - Due This Holiday Season

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Nintendo has revealed plans to roll out new streamlined Wii console that ditches Gamecube support.  Those looking to buy a Wii during the holiday season can opt for a new cheaper model as part of a new bundle called "Wii Family Edition". The new bundle includes a Wii Remote Plus, a Nunchuck and Wii Sports and Wii Party.  
Nintendo say the console has been designed to sit horizontally instead of vertical.  
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The original Wii was meant to be stood vertically? 

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Already a thread here.

Though it is in General Discussion... And yours has more text...

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@Jack268: What did you suppose the stand was for?
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its already ludicrously cheap here (£99) if a cheaper model comes along i might rebuy one for the games i managed to miss.

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@J12088 said:
@Jack268: What did you suppose the stand was for?
I didn't get any stand. And I still assume a console that has a disc reader is supposed to be horizontal.
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Bet the Wii-U will sell GC titles digitally.

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Was it confirmed that this new version was going to be cheaper?

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This is silly. The wii has already been a family edition since the start.

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This seems to be the most pointless redesign of a console ever

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This is both a good and a bad move.

The good part is that the people they are targeting this at probably don't even know what a Gamecube is. The bad part is that the people that they are targeting this at already have a Wii.

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they also got a black one with super mario galaxy soundtrack and new super mario bros wii

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and a blue core unit

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