New Wii peripheral claims to upscale games to 1080p

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 This story was reported a couple days ago by
I'm not tech-savvy enough to know what this all means, but:


* Input: Wii AV Connector x 1, USB Type A Plug x 1.
* Output: HDMI x1 , 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack.
* Video In Supported: EDTV(480i/576i), SDTV(480p/576p)
* Video Out Supported : 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1280×1024, 1440×900, 1650×1050 (at refresh rate 59.94Hz)
* Audio Out: HDMI audio, Analog audio.
* Bi-Color LED: Blue and Red.
* Operating Temperature: 5°C to 60°C (41°F to 140°F)
* Dimensions (approximate): 12cm (L) x 7cm (W) x 2.5cm (H)
* Mass (approximate): ~180g

Powerful Video Signal conversion

* Crystal shape image, Outstanding picture quality.
* Full HD (1080p) output.
* True 10-Bits high definition video scaler engine.
* AV grade scaler engine

User Friendly

* No external power required.
* Easy to setup.
* LED status indication.

Wide Range Video Display support

* Support TV (HDMI) and PC Monitor (DVI).
* HDMI-Audio and Analog audio out.
* Various HDTV video out.
* Native resolution for LCD monitor.

 Apparently it will be for sale tomorrow for the price of $75. The company website is here.

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I read about this on IGN a few days ago but it cant be "true" HD in the sense that the output is still 480p (or whatever it currently is) its just hardware scaled to 1080p so it will (hopefully) look better than your TV scaler but it wont look as good as the "real" Wii HD or running the Dolphin Emulator on PC.

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Hogwash. bullhockey and poppycock.

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Interesting. I'd rather see screens and videos of games through this though. Well, only time will tell.

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I'm not a massive fan of upscaling, it may look a little better but it's not anywhere near true 1080p. Only PC games and a handful of console games can actually output in true 1080.
I'd have to see comparison images to decide if it's worth it or not, but I wouldn't get too excited about it.

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Well if it looks better than my current 480p component set-up then I'll give it a whirl.  75 bones is pretty steep, though.

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It'll upscale as well (or worse) than any HD AV receiver, or upscaling DVD player. An upscaled DVD DOES look better, but a blu-ray it does not make.  
If the signal is natively SD, then upscaling won't do anything super special. Also even if you have a magic machine that makes the wii's native video output 1080p, and you got the games reprogrammed to render as such... it's not like the textures and models in the games are up to the job.

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It's a dongle.

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It's a scam.
You are paying $75 for something your TV already does automatically.

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$75 seems kinda high. I wouldn't buy it untill there are screen shots or something. For all we know it could make a very tiny improvement or it could be a major improvement.

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Just went on the site and saw the comparison screenshots, the difference is almost as tiny as the difference between a 360 using component and one using HDMI. Not worth the hassle or the $75.

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like everyone else said it wouldn't be in true 1080p and plus it wouldn't be much of an improvement. i'll wait for screens though 

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The 1080p picture actually looks worse to me, the colors are all washed out.

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I call bullshit.

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