Nindendo's big E3 game

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As far as Nintendo and E3 go can anything really upstage the new Zelda for them? If they indeed show it off, I can't see Metroid: Other M taking centre stage and it will probably be their last announcment of the press conference too. I would also go as far to sayit is very very hard to upstage a Zelda game announcment, or any major Nintendo franchise announcemnet for that matter when it gives the fans what they want. Although the pess connferences of more like rooms full of fanboys these days, although nothing will ever beat the cheers for Hannah Montana games being mentioned at last years E3 press conference for Sony, I am still not too sure to this day if they were real or just being sarcastic.

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Kirby Wii. That is all.

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People won't listen until they hear Zelda and will stop listening after Zelda.  Such is the popularity.  Most of us will be looking deeper, but generally, there aren't any real surprises at these events.  I am only really interested in hearing what Nintendo's 3DS turns out to be.

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Wouldn't mind hearing me some news on Pikmin 3.
Hopefully a Pikmin for DS. That would ne nice.

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Zelda is too obvious and expected at this point, but there's potential for some interesting stuff from Nintendo. The usual suspects (Kirby, Star Fox, F-Zero) are way overdue and then there's always the possibility of Kid Icarus being real. 
The only thing that might outdo Zelda is the 3DS revealing.

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3DS, if they can pull it off, will be huge.  We know it's coming but have no idea what it will look like.  I really hope it's playable on the show floor because I don't have the clout to actually get an appointment with Nintendo.   With that and (probably) Zelda on their side, I don't think we'll see anything shocking or unexpected.
But who knows?  Last year New Super Mario Bros. Wii was a total surprise and then BAM! it's playable on the floor.  Maybe they'll shock us again this year.

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@Ace829 said:
" Kirby Wii. That is all. "
Finally, the famous "Kirby GCN" is back on the Wii!
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Kirby Super star in 3D, I'd go buy a Wii just for that.

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Zelda and Metroid will be awesome anyway, I of course look forward to seeing (more of) them but I kinda wanna see stuff like The Last Story more.

But that's on a personal level, Zelda will probably be the big game for the majority of people since it's not only a new Zelda but also the game that will show if Nintendo's expert gameplay design will mean that their own Motion Plus can keep up with the more high tech stuff from Sony in terms of entertainment.

I also hope Cosmic Walker wasn't cancelled and will make an appearance alongside games from teams that haven't shown anything in quite a while, like the Pikmin team, like Retro Studios, and others who must have been working on stuff we've yet to see. Maybe Project Sora as well.

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Beyond Oasis 2. A sequel  to my favourite game for the Genesis, brought to a Nintendo console 3 generations later.
I'm talking nonsense.

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Seriously. Its not MADE for you. You are not the intended audience anymore! The last two years, most of the interesting games and trailers were on the showfloor while the press conference was in the iron hands of the PR people seducing the families of this world. If you want a good picture of Nintendos "E3 games" and only watch the press conference (and complain afterwards), you're an idiot.

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Who is only saying they watch the press conference and complaining afterwards? It's just normally where the companies show off their biggest games or hardware for the future, and to be fair I very much doubt families sit down watching these press confences, in fact the average person preobably doesn't even know they exist, they were originally only meant for the press and now, with the internet only the most dedicated gamers really show an interest in them, no families who you claim they are aimed at. So before calling people names know what you are talking about first, and I don't actually care that much about it, just like watching them all to see what is in store for the future.

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@Synthballs said:
" Wouldn't mind hearing me some news on Pikmin 3. "
#14 Posted by JonathanMoore (1880 posts) -
@Ace829 said:
" Kirby Wii. That is all. "
Yes. YES!
#15 Posted by oldschool (7641 posts) -
@falco_eagle said:
" @Synthballs said:
" Wouldn't mind hearing me some news on Pikmin 3. "
I could do with a little of that as well.  A new Chibi Robo on the Wii would be nice as well.
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Nintendo has a massive E3 line up. your right though, nothing could beat the new Zelda announcement. it is going to be massive. but they are going to have working models of the 3DS and all there games that will be available so who knows what we are going to see

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@Zenszulu said:
" Who is only saying they watch the press conference and complaining afterwards?"
This is what happened in the last two years. People discussing "Nintendo's line-up" even though they had not seen Nintendo's line-up.
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I kinda feel bad for Sony at this year's E3. If they're taking the last slot, it's going to be hard for them to make a splash after Microsoft and Nintendo. Don't get me wrong - they're going to have awesome stuff of their own at their conference - but they're going to have to follow Natal, new Zelda and 3DS. They are BIG acts to compete with.

#19 Posted by Zenszulu (36 posts) -
@Meowayne: Well that's one of the reasons why people use forums, to some times speculate if you don't like people guessing or just wondering what is instore you dont have to care, but no need to call people idiots for having opinions and thoughts, if people get too upset about what's not shown though it's upto them but at the end of the day it's just a press confence, and I certainly don't believe any one can "win" E3 as people have been saying over the past few years.
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Too much to ask for a new IP? 
The new Zelda has already been conformed along with Pikmin 3, so those wont be surprises. 

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Nintendo has given horrible press conferences for the last few years.  That doesn't mean the games themselves aren't worth sitting through all that drivel for, it just means that I never walk away enthused by what I've seen.  Well, not in the last few years, at least.  Honestly, and I know this may sound like I am joking, but I want to see more of the Wii Vitality sensor.  I just can't wrap my head around what gamers are supposed to do with this thing and so my curiosity is piqued.  I mean, I imagine there is some sort of biofeedback exercise programs designed for it, but even there, I'd like to see how Nintendo breaks away from boring instructional programs and makes exercise games featuring the device.  Thinking outside the box is kind of their specialty, so I look forward to more of that even if "I don't get it" when I see it on stage.

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@EpicSteve said:

Too much to ask for a new IP?  The new Zelda has already been conformed along with Pikmin 3, so those wont be surprises.

They're having at least two. One internally developed, Xenoblade, one they fund, The Last Story. Set for this year in Japan I guess they could show @ E3.

Cosmic Walker will hopefully also resurface, but that seems unlikely. As well as Project Sora's game, and whatever Retro Studios is working on. Maybe.

@PenguinDust: Last year's was excellent!
And to be fair they had footage of a lot of other great stuff included in the conference, only a few games like Sin & Punishment 2 were neglected then.
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If there is to be a surprise, it may be Kid Icarus Wii, a game that Nintendo are rumoured to taken control of after Factor 5's demise. I whole heartedly believe the Kid Icarus project exists in some form, whether or not they'll choose to show it is another matter though. I'm also not going to rule out a F Zero for 3DS or Wii - I think the resources needed for both are small.  
I'd love to hear about a new DK game. I think I'd be content enough knowing that it's being made.    

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Given how much of a Zelda fan I am; there isn't a lot Nintendo could do to top that for me personally. Guess we'll see though.

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Prolly will see more on Metroid, maybe a hands on thing, new Zelda news, and maybe Kirby. I would not be suprised if there is like the Wiimotion Plus+. Oh nintendo, where is the magic you used to have?

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