Not a Rumor Anymore: Wii and 'Select' Games Are About to Become Less Expensive [UPDATED x2]

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#51 Posted by Brenderous (1099 posts) -
@umdesch4: I also saw her at VGL. You may be right.
#52 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2489 posts) -

There's enough of a used market for the Wii that putting Wii Sports into the retail chain probably makes sense.  You buy a used Wii, it doesn't come with Wii Sports, you go out and drop $20 for Wii Sports.

I don't think them boxing it up and putting it on the shelves is any real indication that they'll remove it from new retail Wii boxes.

#53 Posted by Lucidlife (107 posts) -


Get Super Mario Galaxy down to $19.99 and I am in.
#54 Posted by Cirdain (3077 posts) -
@Brenderous said:
" @umdesch4: I also saw her at VGL. You may be right. "
I bet you did ;)
#55 Posted by BonOrbitz (2183 posts) -
@Kjellm87 said:
" It is kinda odd how time flies.2006 seems like yesterday. "
It sure does! I remember every detail about standing in that cold, cold line on 11.19.06. I still can't believe it's been  5 years now... I'm getting old.
#56 Posted by BonOrbitz (2183 posts) -
@Lucidlife said:
" Whoopie.

Get Super Mario Galaxy down to $19.99 and I am in.
Oh man, SMG is so much better than $19.99.
#57 Posted by JoeyIA (662 posts) -

Sweet, maybe I'll be able to get a legit Wii Sports box on eBay.

#58 Posted by Dark_Lord_Spam (3254 posts) -
@Th3_James said:
" I want to replay Donkey Kong 64 now "
#59 Posted by agentboolen (1763 posts) -

They should have made a Players Choice line of games a long long time ago for the wii....  Now lets see if Wii Music makes it on that list!!!     hint bomb very big BOMB!

#60 Posted by fox01313 (5069 posts) -

At least this list might be a short list of select games due to the Wii having some good games every year among the tons of shovelware.

#61 Posted by Skytylz (4031 posts) -

cool, I'll probably pick up Brawl now, my galaxy 2 machine is starting to get dusty!

#62 Posted by motang (62 posts) -

I do hope Punch Out wold be on this list.

#63 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1556 posts) -

Is the Wii $100 yet?

#64 Posted by ajamafalous (11959 posts) -
@gla55jAw said:
" $149.99? Shit I thought it was already that. I was all ready to finally be on board to buy a Wii for $99 so I can get Smash Brothers and a few others. Not at $150 though, waste of money. "
Me too.
#65 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8534 posts) -
@ThePhantomnaut said:

" @Roasted said:

" Yo, wanna buy a Wii for 20$? "

Sounds like an offer a lonely woman can't refuse. "
#66 Posted by Grinsa (40 posts) -


#67 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6296 posts) -

Mario Kart Wii is a great party game. It's strange to think I dropped $100 more on a Nintendo handheld just a few weeks ago.

#68 Posted by RE_Player1 (7558 posts) -

If they had games like Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario Bros Wii and Metroid Prime 3 for this discount I would dig out my Wii and play it. Animal Crossing and Mario Super Sluggers... no thanks.

#69 Posted by Shuborno (938 posts) -

The Nintendo Select box art style is horrible. Doesn't fit with the Wii aesthetic at all.

#70 Posted by Branthog (5923 posts) -

Frankly, you can find much better door stops for far less than $150.

#71 Posted by HydraHam (1338 posts) -
@Shuborno said:
" The Nintendo Select box art style is horrible. Doesn't fit with the Wii aesthetic at all. "
All budget cases are awful, the original xbox silver greatest hits were awful, ps3 ugly red greatest hits, 360s, ps2's etc.

i am completely OCD when it come to this stuff i refuse to put greatest/platnium hits on my shelf because they look so out of place, same reason i remove slip covers from my blu-rays and have 3 shelves dedicated to boxed/tv show/limited edition BR's and my other shelf the same with games.

i know it's stupid but the ocd in me will not allow me to do otherwise.
#72 Posted by scarace360 (4828 posts) -
@PrnceOfPwng said:
" Only Nintendo could charge $50 for an launch title still, oh wait gamestop is still charging $50 for king of fighters 12 lol.  "
Really i can play atleast 50 kof13 games for that.
#73 Edited by Aleryn (704 posts) -

New boxes look good.  Will haveta' grab Brawl for parties.  Oh, and good commentary by Alex, thanks.

#74 Posted by Little_Socrates (5675 posts) -

Important question; does this new bundle come with WiiMotion Plus-equipped remotes?

#75 Posted by Kjellm87 (1728 posts) -

 It is probably worth waiting for the new console first,
everyone assumes it will play Wii games.

#76 Posted by I_smell (3924 posts) -


#77 Posted by Brenderous (1099 posts) -
@Cirdain said:
" @Brenderous said:
" @umdesch4: I also saw her at VGL. You may be right. "
I bet you did ;) "
Hah! that made me lol at my desk.
#78 Posted by Cirdain (3077 posts) -
@Brenderous said:
" @Cirdain said:
" @Brenderous said:
" @umdesch4: I also saw her at VGL. You may be right. "
I bet you did ;) "
Hah! that made me lol at my desk. "
Your welcome :)

@sins_of_mosin said:
" Is the Wii $100 yet? "
No... but your mum is ;)
I hear she raking in the money ;D
#79 Posted by FesteringNeon (2164 posts) -

Man if this Wii did HD capability, I'd probably bite even though I have the Move.  I really like the look of the black Wii.

#80 Posted by MetalGearSunny (6988 posts) -

I just want Brawl to drop in price. That's the only Wii game I'm interested in playing at this point.

#81 Posted by crusader8463 (14419 posts) -

Neat. Last November a local store had a sale and was selling them for $100 a pop. If I had of had the money I would have got one, but $150 is still a bit too much for me. There are only 2-3 games on the system that look even remotely fun, so I'm going to wait until I can pick all of them up for around $200 total.

#82 Posted by RecSpec (3803 posts) -

Finally, I can try Wild World out.

#83 Posted by dvorak (1496 posts) -
@RecSpec said:
" Finally, I can try Wild World out. "
Yeah, pretty sure I'll also be taking advantage of that.

Also, I'm really shocked. I thought that the Wii was already $149.99. I guess I had a gap in my memory back to the GameCube when it got totally stupid cheap.
#84 Posted by Scarabus (479 posts) -

Nice try, but I'm not buying any more Wii games.

#85 Posted by Aaron_G (1614 posts) -

Wii games get cheaper, but too bad, I no longer have my Wii. Gave it to my sister to take to Chicago. 

#86 Posted by NukePuke (31 posts) -

I'm going to wait and see if the next Nintendo system is backwards compatible first.

#87 Posted by kollay (1928 posts) -

The enthusiasm, it is nonexistent.

#88 Posted by Brodehouse (9878 posts) -

Maybe I'll pick up Twilight Princess now.

In the last ten years, I've played two Zelda games; A Link to the Past on GBA, and Darksiders.

#89 Posted by Vexxan (4618 posts) -
@NukePuke said:
" I'm going to wait and see if the next Nintendo system is backwards compatible first. "
Sounds about right, I've managed not to buy a Wii for the past 5 years, I can wait another year or so until Wii 2 is released.
#90 Posted by jozzy (2042 posts) -
@Brodehouse said:
" Maybe I'll pick up Twilight Princess now.In the last ten years, I've played two Zelda games; A Link to the Past on GBA, and Darksiders. "
You made me giggle :)
#91 Posted by Delusibeta (68 posts) -

Well, that's me proven wrong. Ho hum...

#92 Posted by gla55jAw (2687 posts) -

I wonder if that Limited Red console with New Super Mario Brothers is going to drop too. I might go with that if it does, even though it's not $99. What's the deal with not dropping Smash though, the game has been out for years.

#93 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2103 posts) -

I am totally down with them releasing "players choice", but come on, just about everyone has those already.  The console has been out for like 4-5 years already.  This would have been a good idea in year 2-ish.

#94 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1556 posts) -

@Cirdain - Unlike most users on here, I'm an adult so my mother is over 60 and wouldn't bother with kids who quote jokes from before they was even born.

#95 Edited by HypotheticalSolution76 (139 posts) -

Actually, I'm looking forward to the price drop. I heard Animal Crossing was very fun when you get into it. It's the type of game I don't normally find interest in, but a game that I'm warming up  to now. Mario Super Sluggers fits into the same styles as Mario Mix, Mario Strikers, etc. It's a game to serve the fan base, and not everyone's tea. But the price drop to cater to the fans is nice. I've already played a ton of Wii Sports so cool there. Zelda: Twilight Princess might be a good purchase, but I do own it on GC already. Amazing - that'd be three Zelda games in one year, counting OOT 3D and Skyward Sword. That's a record I would think! I have Brawl as one of my top games still yet played, and if there's any price drop on it, I'll pick it up too. Great news.

#96 Posted by athruntalan (1 posts) -

Bout time some of the first party titles were made a bit cheaper, Nintendo's FP titles always seem to stick rigidly to release price, even if they've been out longer than 6 months!

#97 Posted by mariokart64fan (366 posts) -

it can be 99 go used there ya go , 99 dollars , lol

seriously though if you compare wii price to xbox 360 your better off with a wii lol

ms still wants to push 400 bundles out lol and the lowest you can get a 360 is 300 lol even though that is 6 yrs old!

no console has ever been this expensive this far along

#98 Edited by mariokart64fan (366 posts) -

a used wii is already 99 bucks! ,, i think wiis are well worth their price for all of what they do , sure the new model i say 99 bucks but ones that have mariokart wii are bc and all so

especally if a xbox 360 that came out in 2005 can still sell for 300 plus dollars

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