Nuff Said it is HARDCORE

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Nintendo best console since 1889 more than 120 years, much better than those 50 year gaming consoles

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Edit: Also, he doesn't know what 'hardcore' means.

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I rate this video a HARDCORE out of X-TREME!!!

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This kid scared me straight

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@EveretteScott said:
" =/ "
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The new Chad Warden?

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Ouch. My ears were just raped.
Edit: After watching all this have just left me in a laughing fit. You just want to pat him on the head and go "Yes yes ok then"

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For years, FOR YEARS, Nintendo has busted their BALLS OFF to create another video game system that is particularly the best selling video game console of the seventh game era... or generation. *scratches nose*

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@ThePwnee:  Nintendo best console since 1889 more than 120 years :O
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Why isn't he playing his Wii instead of trying to convince people it's so awesome?

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Who cares if you can't play it in HD?  Play it on an HD TELEVISION!

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"I own some M-rated games, and trust me, they are really hardcore!"
Ahh, the innocence of youth.

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@Ninjakid7396: that was my favorite part
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And literally every one on Planet Earth loves Mario

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@Ninjakid7396:  lol all those other companies have probably been around for like 50 years
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The guy has a punching bag, pretty hardcore

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Does anyone else think this kid is the 12 year old version of Zach Galifianakis' character from The Hangover? 
Backwards capp-ability made me lol.

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"New Super Mario Bros. Wii sold 10 million. If that was a cd it would be certified diamond. That's 10 times platinum............. and 20 times gold."
Man thats just amazing. This kid is so fucking hardcore. He said Nintendo is busting their balls. If thats not hardcore, then what is?

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Al3xand3r is back, bitches!
So the kid is gonna regret this for the rest of his life, but it's still awesome to see kids this passionate about games.

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"There are TON,  There are ton of hardcore games on the Nintendo Wii console!"  What a vagina.  He sounds like hes gonna cry throughout his whole argument.
Kid needs to shut himself up and stop being butthurt. There will always be haters and there is nothing you can do about it. Haters gonna hate.

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@Shadow said:
" Who cares if you can't play it in HD?  Play it on an HD TELEVISION! "
That must mean my NES is HD. Oh my God!!! Atari is HD too. Everything is HD!
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Holy shit. He does.
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This thread is best thread.

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my ears hurt from that and i  need to calm down or i think i might go and knock him out for being an idiot and 8.

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He looks like a young Gabe Newell.

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A young Matt Kessler?

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I can hear him saying, "I wish my dad would use that punching bag instead of me," in a future video.
I think I've been watching to much Wonder Showzen.

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Also, is anyone else going to the Microsoft & Sony 50-year anniversary party? I hear it's gonna be totally radical.

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@Vonocourt: Thats a hot picture of you
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These are the kids that troll me over the Internet, i bet you. 

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This guy is a genius!

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This video makes my head hurt, who gave this kid a camera?

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I like how he is complaining that the Wii doesn't get respect compared to Xbox and Playstation but at the end he stands up for all 3 of them

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I think the Wii Defense Force needs a different spokesperson. 
I'll bring it up at the next meeting.

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