Playing Gamecube games on the Wii (?)

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So recently I've been thinking nostalgically back to the Gamecube era. I had a friend with one and enjoyed playing it when I visited but never owned one for myself. My younger brother has a Wii and I heard the Wii works with Gamecube games. So I bought a second hand copy of SSBM from a market for 5 bucks. However when I put it into the console it just says the disk could not be read. It's a PAL disk and the Wii is PAL so it's not regions. The disk is scratched but not as bad as some I've seen so maybe that was it but I'm not sure. Do ALL gamecube games work on Wii or is the support spotty?

So I'm a little gunshy but if I were to buy a proper secondhand copy of a gamecube game off ebay and popped it into my Wii would I be good to go? I'm eyeing up stuff like Rogue Leader but don't want to buy up stuff if it might not work.

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The GC support was removed from the latest Wii version. So if your brother's Wii doesn't have ports for GC controllers then the games will not work.

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It's an old Wii, from 2008 I think and it has four controller ports of some sort on top, although I don't have a gamecube controller on hand to see if it fits, only a classic controller

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Sounds like the disc is knackered, I have an old school Wii and SSBM works fine.

As far as I'm aware, you should be able to pop any GC game in it. Note that you will need a GC memory card to save anything though.

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If its an old Wii you shouldnt have any issues playing games on it, try testing another gamecube game to see if it works, could be the actual game disc or maybe the laser in the Wii itself.

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