Should I buy a Wii?

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That's right. Not a Wii U - a Wii. 
I am primarily a PC gamer but I also have a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for my Halos and Uncharteds. I had zero interest in the Wii throughout its run, save for the Silent Hill: Homecoming and the Virtual Console - which is what this thread is about.  
Virtual Console seemed like a cool collection of old games. I lived in a Sega house growing up, so I never had a NES or SNES, so I missed all those games. Virtual Console always seemed like a cool way to play not only that stuff, but relive some hot Sega Genesis action as well as dabble with the TurboGrafx stuff on VC. 
I was considering getting a Wii U, but since none of these games are in HD anyway and the Wii U is literally emulating a Wii for the VC stuff, I don't see the point in paying more for a Wii U, especially when there could be some clearance sales on the OG Wii after the holidays.

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I would buy a NES and a SNES before I'd buy a Wii.

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Well, the Wii has the bonus of also running Mario Galaxy 2.

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Sure, I enjoyed my Wii for the handful of excellent games that came out for it and the Virtual Console is pretty awesome in my opinion.

Plus they just announced the Wii Mini for $100 if thats your thing.

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I've been thinking the same thing. I think I might try and get one of the older models, not the Wii mini, if they drop in price. There were some enjoyable games released and like you pointed out the Virtual Console has some great stuff on there. I think now that everything about the Wii is dropping in price it might be time to finally get one.

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I bet it would be worth it for you at this point. They can be found for just over $100 these days, and if there are games you know you would play why not go for it? Also, you will have like 6 whole years of games to catch up on. Even if you only have an interest playing the very best the Wii has to offer, it would probably still be worth it. I've been thinking about doing the same thing myself.

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I would definitely recommend getting a Wii if you want to relive the glory days of 2D goodness. You can even find some used ones on Amazon for about 50 bucks.

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