Suggestions on what game to get? Or Is there a game like ____

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Please don't take this the wrong way but, its been a long time since I've gotten a new Wii game. I think boom blox or renting Dead Space Extraction was about the last thing I did with the system.  I do stream netflix with it almost every day so it does get a lot of use at least. Ok on to my is there a game like _____ questions.
Are there any J-Action RPGs that use motion controls or motion plus?
Are there any JRPGs or RPGs (motion controll or not) that stick out in your mind?
Is there any sort of a zelda style motion control game but more RPG like where you level up get loot ect? 
I know I can just search and I have, and I've glanced over the Wii games at gamestop several times and walked away empty handed, just wanted to see if theres any good buzz about anything. 
Thanks for your time! 
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To be honest, motion controls haven't really been worked into RPGs. I think the only instance we'll see true use of motion controls is in the new zelda game coming out next year (which isn't really RPG in the strictest sense). And, since 3rd parties pretty much ignored the system from the beginning, the landscape of JRPGs has pretty much been barren. Nintendo has only recently begun the push for evidenced by taking SquareEnix's DragonQuestX for the Wii(perhaps for the end of the cycle), as well as collaborations with Monolithsoft (Xenoblade) and Mistwalker (Final Fanta--er--I mean, Last Story)
So games like Xenoblade: 
and games like Last Story:
Won't be seeing the states anytime soon(Next year maybe. I hope...). And Tales of Graces will most likely not be localized.

If you're interested in what's currently out there...the closest thing you'll get to a standard JRPG is Arc Rise Fantasia--made from the people who brought you Luminous Arc series on the DS. The general consensus is that it's a pretty decent JRPG with an interesting battle system but a terrible localization(cheap, lifeless english dub that can be turned off for those who can't stand it). It's turn based and has at least a thirty to forty hour story. 

You can check out videos of something like Muramasa and see if you want to try that, though it's much more beautiful 2d action sidescroller with RPG elements.  However, combat is a bit simple and there's some random backtracking. Has some really cool bosses.

For online multiplayer co-op action, you can look for Monster Hunter Tri. It's not really an RPG, as it's more focused on skill, experience and crafting good equipment. But--I don't know--it's kind of like PSO I guess.

There is also a Shiren game and Chocobo's Dungeon(both of them roguelikes), but roguelikes are pretty niche. Not sure if you'd be interested.  But it has its fans. These games were made to kind of ease people into the experience anyway. Brave was ported to the Wii with additional content. If you don't know what that is, it's from Nippon Ichi of Disgaea fame. So it's basically an SRPG, but it's gridless, so it has its own twists to the formula. And, speaking of SRPGs...Fire Emblem should be obvious.
And lastly, if you don't mind something more kid-oriented(or perhaps if you do have a kid or a younger relative, as it does have offline co-op), you might want to try Spectrobes: Origins. I had some fun with it. It does have a bit of motion control to it. It's supposed to last about 20-30 hours.
I'm also a JRPG fan, so I'm eagerly anticipating the release of Xenoblade(reading lots of good things about it from Japanese gamers).
Though I pretty much stick to good'ol SNES/PS1/PS2 jrpgs for my fix.

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I don't own a wii, but I've seen a couple of games that I'd like to own. 
Fragile Dreams, Little King's Story, and Muramasa Blade might be good, but I really don't know.

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