The Wii mini!

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#51 Posted by Wikitoups (1066 posts) -
@Hector yeh sorry I hadn't saw that post and im on the mobile site.
not sure if that usb eithernet adapter will work with it.this seems to be a waste of a product.
#52 Posted by AjayRaz (12703 posts) -

i like the color, but no backwards compatibility throws any sort of interest out the window

#53 Edited by mikey87144 (2029 posts) -

It's a Canadian only Wii that doesn't play Gamecube games or support WiFi.

#54 Posted by Stete (784 posts) -

I would definitely buy one if it has an HDMI port.

#55 Posted by Ben_H (3703 posts) -

This would have been perfect for me when I got my Wii a year and a half ago. I never use the internet on it and I still have a GameCube so backwards compatibility doesn't really matter to me. All I got my Wii to do was to play a few Wii-specific games, which is what I did.

#56 Posted by Chrjz (407 posts) -

Maybe I'll get a Wii... wait, no GameCube or controller support. Nevermind.

#57 Posted by Lukeweizer (3176 posts) -

"They really want the Wii to have some legs?" Didn't it already sell a billion units? This is just another thing for people to buy that has the word 'Nintendo' on it. That fucking thing doesn't need anymore exposure.

#58 Posted by Shuborno (905 posts) -

It's absurd to have no internet connectivity.

Though I didn't use it much due to the lack of HD, the Wii interface for Netflix seemed the most natural.

The original Wii is already small and cheap. I don't get this.

#59 Edited by Scrawnto (2521 posts) -

@thedj93 said:

kids below a certain age are likely to not notice a difference.

What age is that? Three? Believe me, if a kid is even in kindergarten, if they go over to a friend's house where they have a Wii U, they're going to know the difference.

This is baffling. Utterly baffling.

#60 Posted by Lava (729 posts) -

Looks pretty cool, but I think it's kind of a really strange idea. The Wii itself is already cheap enough. Pulling out Internet support and GameCube compatibility kind of ruins this.

Of course part of me thinks it's a really good idea. This will work for all of those Nintendo fans who haven't invested yet. They can get their New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2 and be completely satisfied with this thing.

I just think this is a really weird idea, I don't anticipate it selling much, especially if it just in Canada.

#61 Posted by Levio (1821 posts) -

It can't play gamecube games, and it can't connect to the internet, so no eshop games either. So even for $100 this isn't a great value considering the actual Wii is $150.

I can see them having these at hospitals or waiting areas or such where people don't need a good system to pass some time, just something they can fool around with.

#62 Posted by jonnyboy (2867 posts) -

This isn't going to confuse parents this Christmas at all.

#63 Posted by PixelPrinny (1076 posts) -

But I just got a regular Wii that included New Super Mario Bros Wii for $115 last year during the holidays (in Canada, no less)... How is this new thing even remotely close to a better deal? >.> Heck, I imagine Boxing Day / Week sales will see the regular Wii's price dipping below $100 this year.

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