Thinking of getting component cables for me wii to play in 480p

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Maybe its just me but i find right now playing in 480i in 16:9 on hdtv looks not very good i get blury picture and all also i was playing twilight princess for wii and i watched some videos online on wii and it looks so much clearly than on my pc and i think this might have to do with my tv being native 16:9 so i think 480p might look quite better than 480i.

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@vidiots:   The upgrade from composite is absolutely noticeable, and definitely worth a purchase, assuming  you're on a screen with a native resolution of at least 480p.
6FT Audio Video ED Component Cable for Wii - White,  White (Net Jacket) or  6FT 4 in 1 Component Cable for Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 and PS2. 

I  own the "White (Net Jacket) cables, but either of the first two I linked will do the job. While  personally  haven't used a 4 in 1 cable, I don't think that there would be any quality hit unless you somehow had multiple consoles plugged in and running at once. I've bought at least 10 different cables from MonoPrice ,  including multiple HDMI and ethernet cables, and component cables for both my Wii, and my PlayStation 2. The only other component cable for Wii I'd recommend is the official one that retails for $30. There are a lot of cheap knock-offs available, so watch out!

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