TV too close for sensor/wii remote to function properly, help?

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Well I have a 32" lcd, in a bedroom I naturally want it close to me so I have it about 3-4 feet from my sofa. I have not used my Wii in well, a while and not since I got a sofa and moved my game playing from my bed to there. When in my bed I was about 6 or 7 feet away and it functioned fine. 
The problem is the "hand" on the wii menu is not in the location I am pointing. It is either too high or too low. Left and right work, but when I aim closer to the edges of the screen it becomes apparent that this is off too, as if I point my wii remote about 1/4 of the width of the tv in from the bezel the hand is at the edge.
Has anyone found a solution to this problem, cant just be me, tons fo people must have their tv/monitor close to them. Hell in unboxing videos I've seen Ryan's sensor bar on top of his tv and he's pretty close, maybe closer than I am. I googled but noone had an answer on any of the forums I found links to.
I've tried all sensitivity and position settings I can think of, even tried angling the sensor bar. I also have a wireless nyko sensor bar, tried that too same deal. Simply speaking I cant play wii games if the aiming funtion of the wii remote/sensor bar doesn't match my aiming, thats half the point of the wii.
Any help or suggestions would help, I'll try anything you've got to say that I haven't tried.

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@MrOldboy said:
"Simply speaking I cant play wii games if the aiming funtion of the wii remote/sensor bar doesn't match my aiming, thats half the point of the wii.
I'm not entirely sure if this is what you mean but when looking at the the wiimote's "iron sight" it is normal that it does not line up with the cursor on the TV.
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yes, but before it was generally in the same location, now when I point at the middle the hand is off the screen. I have to aim down to get it to appear, and I dont want to play games and have to aim down at my tv stand.
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That is quite odd indeed. Did you try putting the sensor bar under your TV?

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yep, every location, every sensitivity. I even pmed Ryan and asked how his setup works, I am assuming its because he is using a smaller tv/monitor.
The best I've gotten has been putting the sensor under the tv but putting some dvd cases udner it so it is at the very bottom of my tv but not covering the image.
I guess I'll just have to get used to it, or aim at the screen with my arm tucked in so the remote is an extra few inches away from the sensor bar, like a t-rex

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You could eventually place the sensor bar somewhere further away from the television if that is posible. 
I play most of my games pretty up close too and i suppose that i'm holding the wii remote quite low compared to where the sensor bar is myself.
O well T-rexes are awesome.

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When I had the Wii up in my office I actually stuck the sensor bar under the desk to the right of the TV because: 1) I could rest my arm on the arm of the chair and I'd be pointing right at the sensor, and 2) I didn't much care if I was pointing where the cursor was on the screen since I could see the cursor (aim dot, whatever) just fine and if I moved right it moved right (or up, down, etc.)...

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 The problem is the "hand" on the wii menu is not in the location I am pointing.

It's not supposed to.
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I dont understand how someone can say that your aiming at the screen should not be at least somewhat 1:1. For me aiming at my tv stand is my idea of "responsive" controls. Its frustrating when I only move the remote slightly up and the cursor goes off the screen. Not only is the aiming off, but the  aiming also becomes extremely sensitive.

Besides my gripe is that before, when I was further away, yes the image on screen was relatively 1:1 with where I was pointing. But now it is not, thats all. If I go behind my couch I can get 1:1, its when you get too close that the sensor/remote shows its limitations. At a  certain closeness you cannot even get a cursor even if pointing directly at the sensor bar.
I did see in a thread that someone made a homemade sensor bar that isn't as long, so the lights in the sensor are closer together, so like a mini sensor bar.

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@MrOldboy said:

" I dont understand how someone can say that your aiming at the screen should not be at least somewhat 1:1.

The Wiimote has no clue where your TV is or how big it is. How is it supposed to do 1:1 aiming when the system menu has no calibration screen? 
Some games offer 1:1 calibration. You have to shoot targets to tell the game where your TV is and how big it is. It then adjusts the sensor bar data to come close to "1:1 aiming". 
In the regular system menu and the huge majority of games, the cursor has nothing to do with aiming-down-the-sights 1:1 movement.
edit: And yes, it gets further off the closer you are to the sensor bar. You have to be at least 2-3m (don't ask me about silly imperial units) away from the sensor bar.
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i was just thinking this morning, "hey i should play call of duty 5  for ma wii", so i turned it on. loaded the disc and went online i went into a game and started to play and my wii zapper was FREaKING OUT , every time i tried to turn left the wii zapper would super fast glitch/move  to the right and i couldnt turn left at all,  
i tried to collaberate the aim with no avail. i tried to move the motion sensor bar,nothing happened.  
i tried to not use wii zapper, nothing changed. 
so i cant play this game because i cant turn left why is that?  
i sit like 5 ft away from tv with sensor bar on top of tv, (battery power is 3/4)

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To the left of your TV is a window, a glass panel, a mirror, a lamp, candles, or another source of infrared light.
Remove or cover it, try again.
If it is not removable or coverable, go into the Wii system settings and decrease your Wiimote IR cameras sensitivity as to only pick up the two bright linking IR lights from the sensor bar.
If that doesn't help, run around outside, naked, screaming "icecream!"

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Can you move the TV and yourself further apart?

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