What good racing games are on the Wii?

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My father is thinking of buying a Wii, and he loves the racing genre. Soooo what games would you recommend?   
Can also be from other genres.  
Thanks for reading. 

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Mario Kart 

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@RE_Player92 said:
" Mario Kart  "
Yeah this is the only one I can think of... Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit might be worth a look into.
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Mario Kart is pretty much it, although I do remember enjoying the hell out of Speed Racer.
I was drinking heavily at the time.

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Ehhh this is a stretch....... 
One game I played a lot of, and one that is totally available on the Wii, is Sega Racing All-Stars. For a kart racer it is a lot of fun, and isn't too terribly difficult. Take it from me, it seems fairly underrated. 
F-Zero GX is probably another great choice too, even though it was a GCN game. The GCN had some great racers that would be really fun to check out.
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Thanks for the suggestions! The games look ace!
And I bought a GC recentely. Do you know if I need a Gamecube memory card to play GC games on the Wii?
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Excitebots is a pretty ridiculous, but fun game.

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@Jeust: You do need a gamecube memory card to play gamecube games. Happy gaming!
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Excitebots and Excitetruck are pretty awesome.

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@02sfraser said:
" @Jeust: You do need a gamecube memory card to play gamecube games. Happy gaming! "
Yeah, I thought so. Thanks for the reply!   
The Excite franchise since the original Excitebike is awesome. I have my eye on those games. 
@LordXavierBritish said:
" Moto Roader. "
 That looks hot!  
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excitetruck. If you play gamecube games on wii, then mario kart double dash or pac-man rally. don't try the wiiware racers (unless there is a demo) they suck.

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@Claude said:
" I'm sure it's not great, but you might be interested in Formula One 2009. "
Hey, that doesn't look too bad... The only realistic racing game I own is Flag to Flag.
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Mario Kart.

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The Wii has some decent NFS games, the best ones imo are Undercover and Nitro.  Excite Truck and Excitebots are great too. Sonic & Sega all-star racing seems to be a pretty great Mario Kart clone. 

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