What is it about the Wii (MadWorld related)

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Nintendo has usually been seen as a family-friendly company, and therefore the systems that they make are seen as family-friendly. Why is it then that the bloodiest games come out for their system. I'm talking about No More Heroes and MadWorld. They aren't just bloody. They're probably the bloodiest games in history?

I'm not complaining, I just find it curious.

#2 Posted by Batman (1016 posts) -

Just for pure irony.  Also don't forget Manhunt 2.

#3 Posted by DirrtyNinja (715 posts) -
Cartoon / Black and white violence. O'rly.
#4 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6535 posts) -
Linkyshinks said:
"Surely realize there is a difference between cartoon violence as seen in NMH and MadWorld, and those realistic depictions seen in games like Condemmed on other platforms. Real life depictions of violence are are considered to be worse, and naturally so. 

Still, violence is violence, hilarious as it may be at times, and in terms of sheer blood on the screen, No More Heroes outclasses any game yet. I think it's awesomely ironic.

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