What the heck is this Wiimote thingy? Xenoblade Chronicles?

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I got a Wii for cheap. I've played Donkey Kong Country Returns, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime Trilogy, and Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn. I might blog about my experiences. That doesn't matter now.

First Question!

A Nyko branded Wiimote attachment came with the goods. I don't know what it does, and the internet has failed me. I thought it might be an off-brand Motion Plus add-on, but there's nowhere to connect the Nunchuk at the bottom. I'll need to buy a Wiimotion plus at some point to experience all the Wii games I want to play. I need to make sure this isn't a Motion Plus, and if anyone knows its purpose that would be GREAT.

I even searched for the product code! This is the bottom, btw.

Second Question!


The Last Story is in coming in real-mail at $40, but Xenoblade seems to be the most well liked of the Operation Rainfall games. Pandora's Tower is around $35. Is it not possible to find this game at a reasonable price? I want to play it, but I also got a late Wii to game on the cheap and extend the current gen for me. I may not necessarily get it for as cheap as the other two, but I will not pay $200 to play this game. Can any worldly Giantbombers show me the way?

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My advice, stay away from Amazon when it comes to even slightly rare games because they WILL be overpriced. I'd try Ebay. The prices will probably still be high but they won't be $200.

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I bought my copy of Xenoblade new on a store shelf for $50. It was the only one in the shop, and the employee on shift said no more were on order. The print run was incredibly limited, and will never be repeated. When I saw people on Reddit willing to trade complete Metroid Prime Trilogy copies for Xenoblade, I realized I had my first real collectible game. It's just a crummy situation for everybody else left in the cold who wants to play it, and as there fairly simple illicit methods of getting the same game, Nintendo and Monolithsoft don't benefit either.

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I saw 5 Xenoblade copies yesterday for about 10€ each.
So, errr....I guess that's really helpfull if you happen to be in Austria in the next few months ?

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Looks like an attachment for a wireless nunchuck. I know because I have one. The little button's just a light you use to sync up with the nunchuck.

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The WING thingy is for the Wireless Classic Controller rip-off-thingy-majig-fancything

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Looks like an attachment for a wireless nunchuck. I know because I have one. The little button's just a light you use to sync up with the nunchuck.


Sorry for the overreaction, but after crawling through Google for so long, the knowledge that anyone could know what it is amazes me.

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I don't know what that first thing is.

As for Xenoblade, you can get a good used one with the case and manual for 90-100 on ebay, or just fish around for a disc only sale and fetch it for around 50-60. Either way, pricey but not unheard of.

It's the only one of the Operation Rainfall games I've played, so I can't say whether you should get it over the others, but I can vouch for its reputation; it's a truly great RPG.

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@ezakael: I've never used Ebay before. Can I bid on an item more than once if someone outbids me? I see one for cheap on there, but I'm afraid if I don't bid very much I'll miss my chance if someone outbids me.

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@brendan: Yeah you can raise your bid if someone raises it higher.

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Does Xenoblade really go for that much? Maybe i should sell mine to fund that copy of Earthbound I've always wanted.

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@zeforgotten: Thanks for the response. even the person who owned the Wii before me didn't know what it was.

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@brendan: No problem. Good luck with getting yourself a copy of Xenoblade. It's a shame such a great game is so rare, there's obviously demand for it but they just never released enough copies.

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