What's the best way to take GameCube games out of the Wii?

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I rarely ever play the Wii, but with the recent news from Nintendo about Wii U and Wind Waker, it made me want to play Wind Waker again. Whenever I play a GameCube game on the Wii, and then I'm done, I always reset the system, take the game out, and then reset it again. Do I just take it out, reset, and then turn the console off? I'm not sure.

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just eject the disc then reset it

#3 Posted by JasonR86 (10028 posts) -

Hit the eject button.

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All you have to do is eject it, then either turn it off or reset it.

#5 Posted by Snail (8776 posts) -

Why do you reset the system again after taking the game out?

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@Snail: I didn't before, I just started doing that today. I did it because the system said "system tray is open" as if I opened a GameCube up. I've only done it twice now actually. I should have said that, whatever though.

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