Where is Okami?

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Can't find Okami anywhere, neither the PS2 nor the Wii version. Could someone add it?

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I think he means finding it on stores so that he can buy it. 
Okami is a rare game.

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Get it from amazon.com. Or amazon.co.uk if you live in Europe.

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@Willy105 said:

"I think he means finding it on stores so that he can buy it."

I thought so too, but then I saw "Could someone add it?". That's a pretty weird thing to say if you're talking about a copy of the game. If you're talking about its GiantBomb page, however...
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get it eaither on amazon or ebay or just call around to stores to find it.
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I rented it on Gamefly like 4-5 months ago so I assume you could buy it from them?

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Nah, I meant 'where on GB is Okami'. Thanks for the link.. I honestly couldn't get to it by searching for it when i wrote that...

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There must not have been a alias for it when you searched OR SOMETHIN

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