Which music game for Wii?

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I must admit I've never played Guitar Hero or Rock Bank (yeah, I'm probably the last gamer on the planet to miss these). I've GREATLY enjoyed some music games though (Amplitude for PS2, the music games in Raving Rabbids, Rhythm Heaven, etc.).  

Anyways, I thought of getting one of the GH or RB games. Which one is the best out there for Wii? Which guitar should I get for maximum compatibility (in case I decide to get some other music games)?
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I've only played RB on the Wii, and it was mostly solid. Neither game is best on the Wii.

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Most of my gaming is DS now, but I spent hundreds of hours on my Wii as well. Mostly social gaming when our friends came over (wii is great for pairing with wine, it seems). It was never really about competition, beating high scores or anything - but just sheer fun.

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I would get a used copy somewhere along the lines and see if you can get an entire band kit, even if you buy it at individual rates..
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Harmonix continues to make the best music games that emulate the full band experience.  My suggestion would be to go with Rock Band.  It's unfortunate, but Guitar Hero has really lost its way under Neversoft.

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Don't the Wii versions of the games have really stripped down music stores? If that's the case I'm not even sure if the games would be worthwhile. I could be wrong though, so don't take my word for it.

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In Wii Music you can dress up as a dog and make dog noises!

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