Which Wii games have you imported? Was it worth it?

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Pretty self explanatory topic, I guess.  It's pretty easy to make your Wii import-friendly, and we all have times where we don't want to wait for an official release for a certain game in our region (assuming it ever happens at all).   
For example, if you live in North America, there's no official release for things like Fatal Frame 4, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Tales of Graces,  or Another Code R (a sequel to Trace Memory from the DS).  Lost in Shadow is, for some odd reason, not coming out in NA until January, even though it's already out in Europe as A Shadow's Tale.   Not sure if I want to wait. 
As for me, I've imported Disaster: Day of Crisis and New Play Control! Pikmin 2 so far.  Haven't played NPC Pikmin 2 yet, but I'm kind of glad I picked up Disaster.  It's a solid game that uses the Wii controls well.  Combat is basically Time Crisis-style cover-based shooting with upgradeable/purchaseable weapons.  You'll spend a lot of time running through streets in various disaster areas rescuing people and escaping death by way of brief minigames/QTEs.  You'll also occasionally have a driving mission where you're escaping pursuers or trying to get somewhere by a certain time or outrunning something very very bad.   
Has anybody else taken the import plunge?

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