Wii games for the girlfriend (to play alone)?

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I've asked this before regarding ps2 games, but other than persona 4 she had trouble playing most games with the controller. 360 games are even more of a struggle since the controller is a bit larger. I haven't touched my wii in over 6 months so I ended up giving it to her, other than wii sports/wii fit she has't played any other games on it. I'm not looking for games that we can play together, rather stuff she can throw in a play on her own. She's played several DS games and PSP games like Patapon. Again, it doesn't need to be a "real" game that GB users would want to play, she just wants something she can handle without becoming frustrated. 

Wii sports resort is an obvious choice, but she really wants a single player game since noone in her house can play with her.

games I am thinking about:
Rabbids Go Home
Any of the dancing games
Cooking Mama series (she likes the DS games so this seems like a no brainer)
Maybe Trauma Center series (she's a nursing student so I dont know, maybe)

Frankly I have't played many wii games, and google just throws Glee and Just Dance at me. Looking for some more informed answers since I cant just buy a bunch of games to see what'll stick.
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Any help? I bought Cooking Mama: World Kitchen I think is the subtitle. That was a big hit. 

Out of the dancing games, which one sucks the least? She was really excited for Dance Central until I told her she needed a 360 and kinect and the game to play it.
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I'll recommend de Blob 1 or 2. Rabbids Go Home is a decent choice, though.

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Kirby's Epic Yarn is a fun platformer. It's not too difficult, but the level design is awesome and it has 2P co-op if you do decide to play MP. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 are both great platformers as well and aren't too challenging. Little King's Story is a pretty easy-to-play RPG/SRPG as well, though it definitely can be frustrating at times so that might not be the best choice.

Like others have mentioned, de Blob (both) are great choices as well. 
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Theres also Trauma team in addition to the trauma center regard. Mario galaxy is also probably a good choice. Maybe the paper mario game also.

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House of the Dead:Overkill or MadWorld

For real though. The Boomblox games are pretty decent.
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New Super Mario Brothers Wii may be a good choice.  My girlfriend loves the game.

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Stupid, inappropriate joke... so easy... must... resist...

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What DS games (besides the Cooking Mama series) did your girlfriend enjoy? I'm interested in getting some games for my girlfriend.

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Rune Factory Frontier.

She ended up playing it so much my Wii now has serious artifacting in it.

Oh and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King 

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Other than what's been mentioned, I enjoyed Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, but that might get too hard, especially if she doesn't play it on the easiest difficulty setting. (unless the difficulty is just coming from not being able to use the controller fast enough, which wouldn't be a problem at all here. All about the mental challenge.)

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@Slaker117 said:
Stupid, inappropriate joke... so easy... must... resist...
I've also been biting back exercise game suggestions.

Seriously though, the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game is good.
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Mario Kart. That's always going to be the answer.

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